When is Peter Griffin from Family Guy coming to Fortnite?

Peter Griffin Fortnite: Fans are eager to see their own favourite franchises in the battle royale given how many crossovers have come to Fortnite in recent years.

The only restriction, in the eyes of many gamers, is what Fortnite’s current engine is capable of creating. In that vein, many fans are interested in learning when Peter Griffin will be joining Fortnite due to recent leaks.

What you need to know about Peter Griffin from Family Guy joining Fortnite, including when and if he will.

When is Peter Griffin from Family Guy coming to Fortnite?

Video editing software was open on a desktop during an Epic Games showcase for the release of Unreal Engine 5. There were numerous distinct folders with character names in the software. The last one stated “Family Guy,” the first two said “Jones,” and the third said “Vader.”

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The first two were confirmed to be the crossover skins for Chapter Three’s third season of the battle pass. Many people are interested to learn what was in the third folder now that the first two leaks have been confirmed. Nobody is certain if it’s a comprehensive cosmetic package or just a fleeting gesture referencing the programme. Since it was next to such important information, it is more likely to be something than nothing.

Peter Griffin Fortnite
Peter Griffin Fortnite

What kind of model Epic would be willing to make will have a big impact on whether or not they could reproduce Peter Griffin in Fortnite. More rounded than any of the characters that have so far been added to Fortnite, Peter Griffin is a big man. Questions regarding his hitbox and other stats might arise if he entered, although most of that is really conjecture.

Fortnite community reacts to a potential Peter Griffin skin:

Observant viewers found files that alluded to a number of different prospective partnerships in a recent Unreal Engine broadcast. Darth Vader and, yep, Peter Griffin were among those who were spotted.

Recently, there was a leak about those two personalities that might be untrue or might turn out to be genuine. The problem with leaks and rumours is that nobody is aware of them until Epic Games releases a formal statement.

Although very hazy, the photographs depict Peter Griffin against what might be the background from the battle royale. The heads of Agent Jones and Darth Vader are also shown on one of the images of him jumping from a Peter Griffin chopper.

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The community is agitated about this because some people want this to be true, while others mock its possible inclusion, and still others believe it is a poor idea. There are many different viewpoints being stated on it.

Some players have openly demanded that Peter Griffin be made a part of the game. Epic Games would be irresponsible to leave the Family Guy emblem out of Fortnite if enough gamers asked for it.

The Twitter user mentioned above is unabashedly thrilled. A sizable segment of the community genuinely wants Peter Griffin and Family Guy to join the lengthy list of successful collaborations.

Family Guy X Fortnite Leaks:

A few months back, when searching through the data that had been included with a Street Fighter update, a number of Family Guy photos were discovered that showed some of the show’s most well-known sequences. For instance, Peter injured his knee or the large chicken battle. The data was associated with a back auxiliary file called “fries,” which many think was a reference to the Family Guy running joke, “Ding fries are done!”

Everything concerning the alleged crossover went completely dark after this leak, at least until fresh leaks from Epic Games themselves appeared. Inadvertently, they gave away the existence of an imminent Family Guy crossover during their Unreal Engine live stream.


We may see what Family Guy has planned for Fortnite after the first two leaks occurred this season. But it could just as easily be a few months or never again. Any formal announcements from the Family Guy or Fortnite streams will have to be patiently awaited by the audience.

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