New Jug Band Emote Fortnite

New Jug Band Emote Fortnite: In many respects, Fortnite has evolved into the epicenter of pop culture, showcasing a range of musical performances and popular international franchise characters.

The next big cooperation is always eagerly anticipated by followers, who follow even the smallest breadcrumbs. A new emote that Epic has implemented makes a lot of sense when played with pals.

Players with a haphazard assortment of instruments, including a guitar, a jug, a banjo, and a fiddle, are featured in the new Jug Band emotes. When multiple players join in, the emote sounds more like a hit song from the late 2000s yet when used by one person it sounds like someone blowing into a jar. It sounds exactly like Lady Gaga’s 2008 song “Poker Face” when four players are combined.

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Although it has a little more rustic feel, it sounds exactly like Lady Gaga’s popular song. If you’re still dubious, compare it to the official audio down below.

Although there is no reason to dispute that it is the same song, it is still unclear why Epic chose to obfuscate the song’s identity in this manner. The song doesn’t mention Lady Gaga and only becomes identifiable when several people play it simultaneously. Several people have already made assumptions about what this might imply for Fortnite’s future.

New Jug Band Emote Fortnite
New Jug Band Emote Fortnite

When the upcoming Fortnite concert will take place has been the subject of numerous rumors in recent months. Several people have hypothesized that Lady Gaga might be one of the performers at such an occasion, which could be hinted at in this new emote. We actually don’t know the answer yet, but it’s also possible that this is the extent of Lady Gaga’s involvement in Fortnite.

Fortnite is on a fast track to introducing multiple user-synced emotes:

On the subreddit for Fortnite, a Reddit user recently posted a concept for an emote. The band, which is synchronized, is the subject of the proposition. Multiple players that have the same emote at their disposal can join in while emoting and play various instruments to the beat of a certain piece of music, such as the game’s theme.

The Acapella-style idea has swept the community, and players are thrilled to witness a novel, refreshing idea. They are especially drawn to the opportunity to participate with a different instrument and play a particular yet distinctive role. The game contains a lot of identical emotes, however they are just synchronized to produce a stereo illusion.

Players are so taken with the idea that they have avoided the harsh criticism and are instead arguing for a fair payment. They have begun a fictitious bidding war and are arguing why, if the emote materializes, it should be sold for a particular amount.

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The community’s consensus that developing the emote will demand resources and be technically difficult, greatly affecting the price point, is one item that arises from this. Even new instruments and a list of songs or themes to perform are suggestions made by players.

Conveniently, the concept suggestion corresponds with information leaks concerning the Jug Band emote. The next emote plays Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and is exactly what the user suggested. Fans are now wondering if the user who came up with the idea is clairvoyant in light of this coincidence. The Jug Band emote will soon be offered in the item shop, but no pricing information has been provided.

Another indicator that points to a future event featuring Lady Gaga is the Jug Band emote. Her tracks have recently started to dominate Fortnite. Icon Radio will start playing her music starting on September 8 alongside music from other artists. Now, the Poker Face emoticon also conveys a similar message.


When it comes to user recommendations, Fortnite is quite entertaining. The designers recently held a competition where players may submit ideas for costumes for the forthcoming Fortnitemares 2022. Two of them have been picked out and will be displayed in-game throughout the occasion.

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