Russell Westbrook NBA 2k23 Rating

Russell Westbrook NBA 2k23 Rating: If you felt the Los Angeles Lakers upgraded at point guard when they acquired Patrick Beverley, then you might not be alone.

Player reviews for NBA 2K23 are starting to appear ahead of the game’s release on Friday. Russell Westbrook’s overall rating of 78 from NBA 2K22 will transfer over to the most recent game in the brand, according to

Once again, NBA players and supporters are both upset about video game ratings. Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers is undoubtedly getting the short end of the stick following the partial release of NBA 2K23’s most recent player ratings.

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That’s right—Russell Westbrook isn’t the same player he once was. Yes, he received a lot of criticism for his lacklustre Hollywood debut. But wow, it seems a bit excessive for Ronnie2K and company to rank him even worse than Patrick Beverley:

Russell Westbrook NBA 2k23 Rating
Russell Westbrook NBA 2k23 Rating

In addition to being rated lower than Pat Bev, Westbrook also has the same overall rating as Kendrick Nunn at 78. Nunn, who also signed with the Lakers in the next offseason of 2021, didn’t even appear in a single game for the purple and gold in 2018. Please take that in, people.

Perhaps NBA 2K is using this tactic to stir up discussion regarding the reported ratings. Congratulations should go to the public relations team if this was really a publicity stunt. However, aside from that, it’s just a slap in the face to even this Russell Westbrook.

Don’t disrespect the stats:

Westbrook has evolved into the face of the cliché that statistics in sports don’t always tell the whole story. However, they do provide some of the narratives, particularly given how garish his figures can be. Last season, the player averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists. Although he had a terrible three-point shooting percentage, he did have a very good 44.4 percent field goal percentage for a point guard.

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Last season, Westbrook had five games with 30 points or more. More than Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn combined over the course of their entire careers. He also recorded 10 triple-doubles, which can now be used against him because he has diminished the significance of the arbitrary accomplishment. However, the level of skill required to record double-digit rebounds and assists in the same game indicates a player with a lot of talent.

For what it’s worth, Nunn and Beverley have both never garnered a triple-double in their combined 649 career regular season games.

Russell Westbrook deserves better (on NBA 2K23):

Westbrook is still a productive box score player according to the counting numbers, but there is ongoing discussion over his genuine contribution to a team’s success. Many believe he hindered the Lakers’ efforts to achieve their goals last season.

Unquestionably, though, is the reality that most of the defamation directed at him stemmed from how awful of a fit he had in LA. LeBron James is a more controlled and simply superior version of that, and many people, both big and small, recognized that Westbrook’s smash-mouth style of play and ball-dominant methods weren’t going to fit well beside him. And lo and behold, that take turned out to be accurate.

A player who can consistently produce a 30-15-10 line while being given the keys by his team more frequently deserves a grade considerably better than 78. Not how talented he really is, but the terrible fit and perhaps his lack of self-awareness, are to blame. NBA 2K should merely lower his scores for offensive and defensive awareness while still treating him with respect in all other respects.

It’s difficult to imagine that the virtual Russell Westbrook in the game will ever be as productive as his real-life counterpart can be when he’s in control and giving one of his classic outings. Has a player ranked 78th overall ever even managed to put together a 19-7-7 stat line like he did last year? The answer is probably never, aside from your MyPlayer.


However, Russell Westbrook probably doesn’t even give a damn about his NBA 2K rating in the end. He’s still living the best life he can. before his fifteenth NBA season.

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