New World Corrupted Weaknesses and Damage Type

New World Corrupted Weaknesses and Damage Type: In New World, a system of strengths and weaknesses is used in combat. Each adversary is either strong or weak against a specific type of damage, and each weapon deals a specific type of damage. Knowing which weapons deal with certain types of damage and which weapons you ought to bring to each combat will help you get the most out of the system. Fortunately, we can assist you with that.

New World Damage Types: Physical and Elemental:

In New World, there are three physical and six elemental damage kinds. Except for those designated as magical weapons, all of the weapons in the game deal at least one form of physical damage.

Physical damage is broken down into three damage types: Slash, Thrust, and Strike. Each of these types of damage correspond to different types of weapons:

  • Slash: Axes, Swords, Hatchets, Rapiers
  • Thrust: Bows, Spears, Muskets, Rapiers, Swords
  • Strike: War Hammers

Things are a little more difficult when it comes to elemental harm. Certain weapons, such as staves like the Fire staff, can deal with elemental damage. Others, like Void, are implemented through perks, though.

New World Corrupted Weaknesses
New World Corrupted Weaknesses

Here’s a look at each type of elemental damage in New World:

  • Arcane
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Nature
  • Void

New World Corrupted Weaknesses

It’s time to put your strength to the test now that you are aware of the various forms of damage you are capable of inflicting. There are now five kinds of enemy mobs in New World: Ancients, Angry Earth, Corrupted, Lost, and Beasts. Each of these opponent archetypes has strengths and weaknesses, as you would have imagined.

Here’s a look at each enemy type in New World as well as the damage types they are both weak and strong against:

  • Ancients
    • Weak against Strike, Void, and Lightning
    • Strong against Slash and Fire
  • Angry Earth
    • Weak against Slash and Fire
    • Strong against Thrust and Lightning
  • Corrupted
    • Weak against Thrust, Nature, and Arcane
    • Strong against Strike and Ice
  • The Lost
    • Weak against Strike, Ice, and Nature
    • Strong against Thrust and Void
  • Beasts
    • Weak against Thrust

Understanding Damage Types:

Slash, Thrust, and Strike are the three physical damage types assigned to weapons in New World. Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Nature, and Void are the six magical damage types.

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Only Arcane, Lightning, and Void damage types are not an inherent part of any weapon. To deal this damage, you must use gear and perks that convert a portion of damage to that element.

Here are the types and their weapons:

Damage Type






Rapier, Sword,

Hatchet, Great Axe




Bow, Musket, Spear
Sword (on some abilities)


War Hammer




Fire Staff




Ice Gauntlet




Life Staff













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You should carry equipment and weapons that do the right kind of damage if you want to get the most out of battle in New World. Bring your sword and shield if you know you’ll be fighting Ancients, for example. It’s acceptable if you don’t always have the appropriate attacks prepared, but your chances will be significantly higher if you do. Naturally, doing so will speed up the process of reaching the maximum level cap.



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