BGMI PUBG M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Rewards

BGMI PUBG M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Rewards: The release date and BGMI M15 Royal Pass Rewards have been formally announced. Here are all the details if you’re looking for information about the M15 RP prizes and their release date. Royale Pass often arrives for 1 month in BGMI. According to BGMI official sources, the release date for the BGMI M15 Royal Pass is September 20, 2022, at 7:30 AM.

The RP M15 comes with many bonuses. Now let’s look at the RP awards you would receive if you bought the BGMI M15 Royal Pass. The BGMI tipsters are currently revealing certain highlighted incentives. However, I want to remind you that you must acquire a BGMI M15 Royal Pass with 360 UC or 960 UC for an enhanced royal pass before I show you the benefits.

BGMI PUBG M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Rewards
BGMI PUBG M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Rewards

BGMI PUBG M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Rewards

Each BGMI Royal Pass has a specific theme.

  • The RAZZLE DAZZLE theme will be included with Royal Pass M15.
  • Groovy Peck Set, Win94 skin, RP 1.
  • Magical Night Helmet skin, RP 10.
  • RP 15 Decoration
  • Smoke Granade RP 20
  • Aeroplane skin, RP 30
  • Mythic Emote, RP 35
  • 40 RP, 28 DP, skin
  • Set of Midas Fortune and Clairvoyant Fox, RP 50.

You may view the whole list of RP M15 awards in the list above. But there are also free goodies available for the players irrespective of their RPs, and you may earn them by using the BGMI Free Pass. To earn free RP and free passes, complete the daily missions. Here are 3 of the BGMI M15 Free Pass’s key benefits. However, after the M15 Royal Pass is released, further free goodies will be accessible.

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Purchase BGMI M15 Royal Pass:

Using the existing UC in your BGMI account, you can buy the BGMI M15 Royal Pass. The BGMI royal pass can be unlocked in two ways for players. Buying Elite Pass with 360 UC is one option, and buying Elite Pass Plus with 960 UC is another.

Therefore, you can simply obtain the M15 Royal Pass if you have more than 360 UC in your BGMI account. But if you don’t already own the necessary UC for Royal Pass, you’ll need to buy BGMI UC, which isn’t yet available in the Play Store or the App Store. This implies that using your Google Play Balance to buy BGMI UC is not an option.

Buy BGMI M15 Pass Straight

What to do if you want to buy BGMI UC for your M15 Royal Pass straight away? The only option is to wait for BGMI to be unbanned. Because BGMI is now unavailable from official sources, you cannot purchase UC. After BGMI returns, We have provided you with all the details on how to upgrade to BGMI M15 Royal Pass.

Additionally, there is currently no response on the BGMI official website regarding how to buy an M15 royal pass. As soon as official sources make the announcement of BGMI’s return, I will submit an update. Then, in your BGMI account, you’ll be able to buy BGMI M15 Royal Pass and UC.

BGMI M15 Royal Pass
BGMI PUBG M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Rewards

BGMI New Update 2.2 Launched:

The future BGMI 2.2 upgrade is currently being prepared for by Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are numerous additional new features added to the game with this patch release. This post will give you all the pertinent details about the BGMI 2.2 upgrade, its new Halloween mode, and how to quickly update your game to BGMI 2.2 by downloading an apk. In BGMI, an “Elite Royale Pass” (also known as a “Royal Pass”) costs 360 UC, while an “Elite Plus Royale Pass” costs 960 UC.

Release Date for Bgmi M15 Royal Pass: September 18, 2022. Price of a Bgmi M15 RP: 360, 960UC
According to numerous rumors and leaks, players will be able to set up camp from a tree. There is a significant chance that this feature will also be accessible in “traditional mode.” However, the community has not yet provided any official confirmation.

Players may be able to camp under a tree or behind cover in classic mode, although these are only small leaks. Despite being unformed, there is still a chance. Campers will surely find it appealing.

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Q 1 What is the release date for the BGMI PUBG M15 Royal Pass?

Anser 1: The BGMI M15 Royal Pass Will Be Released Globally for All the Players on 18 September 2022