New World Furnishing Leveling Guide (0 to 50)

New World furnishing leveling guide: So guys in this article I will be telling you guys all the ins and outs of furnishing levels from 0 to 50 in New World. I will tell you some key things that you need to know to be successful in furnishing levels in a new world. Which should already allow you to craft the first chest. That can be placed inside houses in order to expand the storage space in a given settlement. Something extremely important to anyone who wants to do a lot of crafting.

New World Furnishing Leveling Guide (0 to 50)

So our goal is to reach 50 levels. So for that, we need to accumulate 23375 experience. The station we will be using is the workshop. All items that have the little chair beside them mean that is a furnishing item so if we look at all the options we have that require level zero furnishing most of them require ash stain. And ash stain requires solvents and solvents are really annoying because they are used for other things. Which are quite hard to get since they come mostly from containers. But luckily for us, there are a few good items that do not require ash stain they are the chandelier.

Both of them are valid options for you to use to level. If you have a lot of iron you can make the chandelier. But the one I will be using and I suggest you do is the same as discounts. The reason I prefer sconce is that it uses as the main material wood can easily be found around most settlements and is way less contested.

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All resources needed

So given that each item grants us 15 experience. We will need to craft 156 sources. That means you will need 2340 timber or 9360 greenwoods 780 iron ingots or 3120 iron ores. And 780 iron oil. And the reason I would recommend for you to gather materials is Cutlas keys. It’s easy to navigate even if you are low level and have very close to each other.

New World Furnishing Leveling Guide
New World Furnishing Leveling Guide

Tips and time investment

So it took me around six hours to gather all those materials on those routes. Three hours for iron plus oil since I got them together and 3 hours for the greenwood. If every few runs you go to the smelter and the woodshop to smell your ores into ingots and to cut the greenwood into the timber. You should be able to hold all the materials at once in the settlement storage since all of them together weigh 858 kilos. As soon as you have everything ready it’s just a matter of going to the works shop station and crafting 156 sconces and there you go level 50 furnishing.

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