How To Get Fury in New World 2022

Get Fury in New World: In the New World, there is a historic war hammer known as “Fury.” It is one of the several Epic War Hammers that may be found throughout the game. Enemies drop some of these epic war hammers, some are found in chests, others are created recipes, and others are quest lines to manufacture a specific weapon.

In New World, War Hammers are adaptable, and capable of crowd management, tanking, and damage output. With added critical hit modifiers, the legendary Fury War Hammer attempts to take that damage to the next level. In New World, here’s how to earn the Fury War Hammer. In the New World MMORPG, Fury is a Tier 5 Legendary rarity battle hammer. It has a gear score of 500 to 600. It inflicts 84 damage.

When equipped, this item grants the following bonuses: Strength of 30. It will take up to 9 kg of storage space in your inventory. Retaliate IV, Keen, Vicious, and Keenly Empowered are four important bonuses on this item. This battle hammer’s features are based on a single attribute: strength (STR).

How To Get Fury in New World
Get Fury in New World

The Material Needed to Craft Fury in New World

  • 84 Damage 2.0% Critical Hit Chance 500-600 Gear Score
  • Critical Damage Multiplier (1.2)
  • Damage to Block Stamina: 63.0
  • Blocking Stability of 63.0 percent
  • Tier V is the highest level.
  • Scales with a 100% strength rating
  • 9.0 New World Wiki Guide to Weight Icon
  • Durability 3000
  • Yes, it’s salvageable.
  • Pickup Binding

So these are all the materials that you much needed to craft your Fury. So by getting all these you can have your Fury as well in the New World. And then you can enjoy your new epic sword.

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Location to Find Fury in New World

Fury is a bind-on-equip item, which means you can’t buy it from the Trade Hub or another player. Within Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition, Chardis drops the Fury War Hammer. This is the endgame dungeon in Reekwater, which is a 60+ region of the map. You might have to farm the dungeon a few times to earn the Fury War Hammer because Chardis has six different legendaries in his treasure pool.

Fury can only be obtained by having a full team of five members, being level 60, and holding a tuning Orb to enter the Lazarus Expedition.

Key Features of Fury in New World

This War Hammer rates entirely on Strength, giving it a fantastic choice for individuals who like to spend their points on that tree. Fury adds an extra Strength stat to the mix, increasing damage even more. It also has a Jasper gem socketed in it, which enhances your damage after three hits.

Fury’s perk pool makes it even more appealing: Keen, which raises the possibility of a critical hit. Critical hit damage is increased by Vicious. Critical strikes provide Keenly Empowered for a brief period of time.

How To Get Fury in New World
How To Get Fury in New World

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Get a Legendary Hammer in New World?

Ans. In New World, where can you find the Woodswarden Warhammer? The Woodward is a reward for completing the Garden of Genesis trip. The Blighted Greenskeeper is the specific boss you’ll want to farm. Bring your Fire and Slash damage weapons to New World, since they deliver additional damage against Angry Earth opponent types.

Q2. How Do I Get Legendary Sword Quest in New World?
Ans. Before Eintou Madaki will provide the legendary weapon quests, you must be level 60 and have 20 Weapon Mastery in the weapon of your choosing. You must also complete a number of tasks supplied by Eintou Madaki.
Q3. Can You Build in New World?
Ans. Anyone in New World can buy any home, including ones held by many people, as previously stated. Together, you may create not just a house, but a whole community of gamers who are all striving for the same aims and objectives in the game.
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