How to Get Alpha Boost in Rocket League?

How to Get Alpha Boost in Rocket League: Rocket League includes various distinctive configurable elements, just like many other games. The prizes are only growing bigger and fancier. with dragon-inspired goal blasts joining the ranks of neon animated wheels and dazzling automobile decals. The Alpha Boost Rocket League, however, continues to reign supreme as the most costly and scarce equipment in the entire game.

The limited rocket boost Gold Rush. That is a part of the restricted collection provided to players that took part in the Rocket League Alpha testing. Back in 2015 is known as the “Alpha Boost,” not the genuine Alpha Boost.

Players that participated in the Alpha test received four rewards: the Gold Rush (Boost), Gold Rush (Antenna), Goldstone (Wheels), and Gold Cap (Topper), the latter of which is currently the most expensive item in the game. The increase has a very sparkling aspect. The Alpha Boost is similar to the conventional boost in design, which is a well-liked technique, and sines in its flames as it lifts the cars into the air.

How to Get Alpha Boost in Rocket League
How to Get Alpha Boost in Rocket League?

What Are the Steps to Get Into the Rocket League?

The only way to obtain the Alpha Boost, unless you participated in the Rocket League beta, is by trade.

The Alpha Boost can be traded between players in the game. Most recently, Joe “Joyo” Young of Moist Esports received the boost from another player to use during their historic RLCS Spring Split, Major Grand Final.


Rocket League Alpha Boost Prize Pool:

There are only 500 Rocket League Alpha Boosts. according to experts and the pro of this area. so unless you’re sitting on a sizeable wad of free cash. or have incredibly kind pals and mates. you might struggle to get your hands on the item.

In Rocket League. you must grind your way up the competitive rankings. and exercise all of your skills in order to reach the top tier. The Rocket League Ranked Rewards at the end of Season 7 are the ultimate goal. and whether you’re bronze or Grand Champion. you’ll always have something to work towards. According to lore, there are only about 500 Rocket League Alpha Boosts. so unless you’re sitting on a hefty wad of spare cash or have extremely generous friends. you might struggle to get your hands on the item.

While competing in Rocket League to try to advance to the next rank. you’ll also be building up a bank of victories that will reflect your season-ending award. Your end-of-season rewards bank will grow as a result of winning games. and you’ll then get access to special features that reflect your talent.

The competitive prizes are always a boasting right, allowing you to brag to both friends and rivals. These bragging rights include flexing decals, wheels, boosts, and a variety of other customization elements.

Rocket League Ranked Rewards Season 7:

Players will receive unique bonuses this season that correspond to their current skill level. As usual, the boosts will become progressively more elaborate the higher you rank. It will also display the rank’s colours. The customary Titles for Grand Champions and Supersonic Legends will also be awarded.

  • Bronze Boost for Bronze Season 7
  • Season 7 Silver Boost for Silver
  • Gold Boost in Gold
  • Platinum Boost for Platinum
  • Diamond Boost for Diamond
  • Champion Boost for “Champion”
  • Boost for the Grand Champion of Season 7
  • Also having the title “S7 GRAND CHAMPION” in red text
  • Season 7 of Supersonic Legend Supersonic Legend Boost.

Rocket League awards players who have climbed the ranks to take the top percentage spots. In the Extra Game Modes categories. Much like it does for the standard game modes. A Season 7 Ranked Reward in the form of an exclusive game will also be given to players.


Q 1: Is it possible to get the Alpha Boost in rocket league?

Answer 1: YES. It is possible to get the alpha boost in rocket league. Along with a pool of various other free gifts.

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