Unlock the Heroes Capsule Free Fire Max 5th Anniversary

Unlock The Heroes Capsule Free Fire Max 5th Anniversary: Free Fire is celebrating its fifth anniversary in August, and it is a well-known battle royale game. The creators will keep releasing a tonne of exclusive things throughout the month as part of the festivities.

Beginning on August 5, the Free Fire 5th Anniversary celebration will last through September 13. During this time, users will see a lot of freebies, especially following the peak day (August 27).

This article will lead readers to some of the best prizes they must garner at the mega event.

Unlock the Heroes Capsule Free Fire Max
Unlock the Heroes Capsule Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max: 7 Prime Rewards to Acquire in The 5th Anniversary Event:

A Bundle from Style Capsule (purple) Choice Crate

Users have the chance to win one of the five Free Fire anniversary bundles from Garena. This is a fantastic chance for gamers to get a rare item. All they have to do is get their hands on the Purple Style Capsule package and open it.

According to the Style Capsule event, players must complete missions in order to get the purple crate.

Users must choose the one they like. They can choose another if they currently own one of the five bundles. They are able to upgrade their already impressive assortment of in-game bundles in this way.

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Monster Truck – Lumino Wheels

Users will be able to access a brand-new anniversary-only Monster Truck skin dubbed “Lumino Wheels” on September 3 after the Memory Capsule is unlocked. This Futuristic-themed truck skin is striking due to its purple dazzling effects.

Sterling Futurnetic M4A1 skin

The Battle Capsule event offers the chance to obtain the brand-new M4A1 skin “Sterling Futurnetic.” In the aforementioned event, players will have to perform a number of missions, and after doing so, they will move closer to getting this skin.

The new skin has the following attributes:

  • Damage +
  • Range +
  • Magazine –

Sterling Futurnetic bundle

The premium store of the Free Fire 5th Anniversary exchange store sells the new, upscale-appearing female bundle (Sterling Futurnetic). Users must first accumulate 160 Amethyst Pentagon (AP) tokens through match play and daily duties in order to claim it.

The bundle contains:

  • Sterling Futurnetic (Head) – Hides Helmet
  • Sterling Futurnetic (Top)
  • Sterling Futurnetic (Bottom)
  • Sterling Futurnetic (Shoes)

Sports Car skin – Marquis

The “Marquis” global partnership special Sports Car skin is presently up for grabs. By engaging in the J.Biebs Concert: Beautiful Love mode just once, users can personalize it.

Simply tap the mode selection option in the lobby’s bottom right corner. Select the aforementioned mode, then start it. It will broadcast a Justin Bieber concert. As soon as the in-game concert is over, head to the event section to receive your prize.

Groove Moves emote

A new emote in Free Free MAX called Groove Moves causes the player to dance swaggery. On the Indian server, the emote was redeemable as a login incentive on the peak day. It is, however, made available to some more server users through a different event.

J.Biebs character

The brand-new Free Fire MAX character J.Biebs is available for users to claim from the Heroes Capsule event. To get 10 progress points for each assignment, they must perform daily missions and tasks like “Play with Friends,” “Deal Certain Damage,” “Kill Enemies,” etc.

Players can claim the new character after they attain a progress level of 200. Silent Sentinel, a superb passive skill, is possessed by the character.

Upon claiming the character, users will also receive his 7-day trial special Indigo package.


Players of Free Fire MAX can obtain the aforementioned benefits for nothing. Additionally, this page simply expresses the author’s opinions.

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