PUBG Mobile Season C3S8 Rewards, Prize And More

PUBG Mobile Season C3S8 Rewards: The global 2.1 upgrades for PUBG Mobile is currently live and include new improvements, rewards, events, and much more. Every time Tencent updates the game, it adds new content that quickly becomes a fan favorite. Examples include bundles, cute gun skins, emotes, and more. The overall update was satisfactory in its own right.

Some players are attempting to see something new by investigating the bits of information regarding the ensuing 2.2 upgrades because the update has already had a significant impact on the game. The leaks that have been published by several well-known data miners and players are too exciting to ignore. We will shortly receive the PUBG Mobile 2.2 update, which will add two entirely new characters and special tier awards.

PUBG Mobile Season C3S8
PUBG Mobile Season C3S8

PUBG Mobile Season C3S8 Tier Rewards

The upgrade is expected to be a huge success, according to the sources, because its inclusion will blow everyone’s mind. After a protracted wait, gamers will eventually receive two distinct new character brands, along with additional micro prizes and other things.

The two brand-new characters are available to gamers as of the C3S8 or 2.2 releases, as previously indicated. The two characters are Riley and Sophia, according to the sources. Players need to be aware that Sophia will be a female character and Riley will be a male. The characters typically cost 600 UC each, therefore players must begin earning in-game UC from this point on in order to obtain the characters.

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PUBG Mobile Season C3S8 Rewards for The Players

However, enough character vouchers can assist in obtaining the character for nothing. In addition, completing certain tasks will provide players access to the character’s voice pack, emote, and other unique features.

  • Players must defeat the silver tier in order to obtain the new silver tier spectacles.
  • Gold Tier: Reach the gold tier to receive a brand-new full outfit with a unique headpiece that is themed after C3S8.
  • Platinum Tier: A parachute skin with the New Cycle S8 motif will be awarded.
  • Get the SKS gun skins with a C3S8 theme by moving up to the diamond tier.
  • New Mask skin in the Ace Tier.
  • New headgear skin for Ace Master Tier.
  • Get the Ace Dominator Tier avatar to reach the Ace Dominator Tier.
  • Reach the required rank to receive the Conqueror Tier Frame.

New Characters and Outfits and Backpacks:

At the first rank of the M14 royal pass, a player will get the Oasis Idol Set. Although it doesn’t seem great, it also doesn’t seem very unusual. Players can also choose between the Emerald Leaf – PP19 Bizon PP-19 Bizon SMG finish.
At level 5, players will also receive the Oasis Idol cover headgear in addition to the RP1 outfit. This goes perfectly with the RP1 outfit.
The gorgeous-looking Gilded Flower backpack, which costs RP10, will be given to players. It goes perfectly with the RP50 suit the gamers will ultimately acquire.

The Oasis Idol set looks fantastic with the white and purple colour scheme of the bag. The avatar for the outfit will be provided to players, who would pay RP50 for it. The Gemstone Ring ornament, a lovely decoration, will also be given to them. It is a tiny ornament with a lovely golden ring design. This can be attached to backpacks.


PUBG Mobile Season C3S8 New Skins and Guns:

Players will be given access to the Imperial Gold speedboat finish at RP level 30. It is a really attractive speedboat skin. Players will get a vehicle skin in RP after a long time. In this RP tier, players will also receive a mythic in-game emote. Royal Aurum is the moniker of the mythical emote.

The legendary S1897 shotgun skin known as Blazing Rose – S1897 will be given to every player that finished the M14 Royal Pass at rank 35. Anyone who uses a pump-action shotgun will adore this skin. The background of the players’ status plazas will likewise be distinctive. Only Royal pass owners are allowed to utilize them. It is a completely new aspect of the game.


Q 1: What Are the Free Rewards Available In  C3S8 rewards?

Answer 1: In the recent C3S8 season, we have a plethora of skins and free gifts available for the players

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