PUBG M15 Royal Pass: Release Date, Tier Rewards, Leaks

PUBG M15 Royal Pass Release Date Leaks: One of the most popular online battle games right now is PUBG Mobile. Free Fire, Call of Duty, and PUBG Mobile Lite are the other online battle royale games. But out of all of these, PUBG Mobile continues to reign supreme.

You can find the PUBG Mobile Royal Pass M15 Release Date and Leaks on this page. Along with that, we’ll talk about the latest legendary sets, spins, and other things.

The current season of PUBG Mobile is M14, and the upcoming season is M15. On September 20, PUBG Mobile’s new season is scheduled to debut. As a result, starting at midnight on September 20, the brand-new season, M15, and cycle 3 season 8 (C3S8) will be accessible. When M14 expires on September 19,

PUBG M15 Royal Pass
PUBG M15 Royal Pass

Similar to that, on September 20th at 7:30 AM the M15 royal pass will be unlocked and available for purchase.

PUBG M15 Get All the Characters for Free:

A number of upgrades and features will be add to PUBG Mobile in the upcoming season. The following discussion covers all the new changes and features. Below, we cover the information about the PUBG Mobile Royal Pass M15 Release Date and Leaks.
There are 4 characters available for purchase up until the M14 season. Victor, Sara, Andy, and Carlo are present. [The greatest way to get those characters for no cost is right here.] There will be two new characters starting with the future season.

A new boy character and a female character will both appear. Riley will be the name of the boy character, while Sophia will be the name of the female character.

The new season will feature an occasion where you can purchase character vouchers in large quantities.

New and Latest Update Regarding the Cheer Park and Free Rewards:

Cheer Park has undergone recent and complete makeover. 
You can sit in chair and interact with your friends in cheer park by using variety of emotes.

As new seasons begin, PUBG Mobile always offers fresh incentives to players. The new awards that will be available in the upcoming season always thrill players. The following are a few of the incentives offer as RP Rewards.

The first RP mentions a typical sort of attire. In a similar vein, the first RP also provides the skin for the Win 64 rifle.

PUBG M15 Free Gifts and The Freebies

When you reach ranks 10 and 15, you will get a helmet and an ornament, respectively. In a similar vein, rank 20 will award you with a skin of a smoke grenade. You will get the skin of Plane and an emote at rank 30. You will be given the skin of DP 28 at level 40.
You’ll have to pick one outfit from two after the season is through. Two mythic sets—one of which is male and the other of which is female—will exist.

PUBG M15 Tier Rewards

There will be a new companion, and its name will be German Shephard.

  • Exclusive Conqueror Avatar and Frame of Cycle 3 Season 8 for the Conqueror Tier ( C3S8 ).
  • Ace Dominator: a unique avatar for Ace Dominator.
  • Cycle 3 of Ace Master: Season 8 Hair
  • Cycle 3 Season 8 Mask, Ace Tier.
  • Rating protection card, Crown Tier ( 3 ).
  • Diamond Tier: Cycle 3 season 8-themed SKS Gun skin.
  • Parachute skin is designed for the Platinum Tier’s Cycle 3 season 8 theme.
  • Gold Tier: Cycle 3 season 8’s basic outfit set.
  • Silver Tier: C3S8 eyeglasses.
  • Bronze: A reward season token.

The RP M15 comes with many bonuses. Now let’s look at the RP rewards you would receive if you bought the BGMI M15 Royal Pass. The BGMI tipsters are currently revealing certain highlighted incentives. However, I want to remind you that you must acquire a BGMI M15 Royal Pass with 360 UC or 960 UC for an enhanced royal pass before I show you the benefits.


Q 1: What is the release date for PUBG M15 Royal Pass?

Answer 1: The M15 Royal pass is going to be released globally on September 20.

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