PUBG M16 Royal Pass Release Date leaks

PUBG M16 Royal Pass Release Date leaks: The well-known BR game PUBG Mobile is played often by millions of gamers worldwide. To enhance their gaming experience, Krafton and Tencent Games work tirelessly to introduce new things into the game.

The demand for Royale Passes is unmatched among them. Players eagerly anticipate finding out about the goodies in subsequent RPs so they can add them to their in-game inventory.

PUBG M16 Royal Pass Leaked Rewards and More:

PUBG M16 Royal Pass

Several YouTubers who are BETA testers for the game’s creators have leaked information about any upcoming updates or additions. Similar to how they did for Month 15 and Month 16, they disclosed certain leaks in their videos for the Royale Passes.

Month 15 Royale Pass:

The forthcoming C3S8 Month 15 Royale Pass will be based on the Razzle Dazzle theme, according to leaks.

The following list of leaked awards indicates what may be available in the next PUBG Mobile Month 15 RP:

  • Groovy Pack Set and Music Star Win 94
  • Magical Night Helmet, Magical Night Ornament, and Smoke Grenade
  • Cute Clown Finish Plane
  • Midas Fortune Mythic Emote
  • Drum Sensation – DP28
  • Choice between – Midas
  • Exited Dance Emote
  • Fairytale Scarecrow
  • Fortune Set and Cover and Clairvoyant Fox Set and Cover
The Month 15 Razzle Dazzle Royale Pass will now include a Treasure Box, where players (who have purchased the RP) can exchange their additional RP points for a variety of gifts from prior seasons.

Here’s an overview of the rewards that will be available in the M15 RP

Treasure Box:
  • Season 8 – Night Dancer Set and Night Dancer Mask
  • Electronica Hearts Mask, Electronica Hearts Parachute, and Electronica Hearts Cover
  • Month 1 – Night Stalker Set and Night Stalker Parachute
  • Month 2 – Marine Marauder Set
  • Month 2 – Wavebreaker Set
  • Shell Throne Sidecar Motorcycle
  • Heavenly Cadence Set and Heavenly Cadence Goggles
  • Stomping Beat Set and Stomping Beat Goggles
  • Night Dancer – SLR
  • Pink and Blue Harmony Buggy and Pink and Blue Harmony VSS
  • Marine Marauder Uzi
  • Season 18 – Heavenly Cadence Smoke Grenade
  • Marine Stalker Parachute
  • Schoolgirl in Pink Outfit
  • Alien Technology – QBZ and QBU
  • Groovy Teen Outfit

Month 15 and M16 Royale Pass:

PUBG M16 Royal Pass Release Date

Based on the leaks, the Month 16 RP will have a Heroic Palace theme and offer plenty of rewards.

Here’s a look at the leaked rewards that will be included in the M16 RP:

  • DJ Dancer Set, DJ Dancer Cover, and Grain Revolution UMP – 45
  • Visage Smoke Grenade
  • Cupid Ornament
  • Unknown Destination Plane Finish
  • Masked Crusader Emote
  • Color Explosion – AKM
  • Hip Hop Scarecrow Set and Hip Hop Scarecrow Cover
  • Cute Cactus – QBZ
  • Wild Dance Emote
  • Dynamic Beat – SLR
  • Masked Crusader Set and Masked Crusader Cover
Similar to Month 15, the Month 16 Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile will also have a Treasure Box that will offer different rewards from previous seasons. Here’s a look at the leaked rewards set to be included in the M16 RP Treasure Box:
  • Season 11 – Elite Force Set and Cover
  • Month 3 – Deep Fried Set and Cover
  • Month 4 – Mecha Bruiser Set and Cover
  • Wavebreaker Set
  • Reckless Mercinery Set
  • Supermarket Sale Parachute
  • Season 11 – Leopard Suit Outfit
  • Withering Death – AWM
  • Season 8 – Clownfish Suit
  • Season 11 – Reckless Trooper Set, Lost in the Night Parachute
  • Drifter – AUG A3
  • Season 4 – Roaring Grizzly – Pan and Roaring Grinzzly Parachute


Many PUBG Mobile gamers will buy the next M15 and M16 Royale Passes because there are so many cosmetics and goodies available.

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