Free Fire Diwali Event 2022:New Rocket Token and More

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 confirmed with New Rocket Token and more: Diwali, the greatest event in India, will be released in Free Fire along with some exclusive in-game goodies. Many tippers discovered Diwali-related game hints using the OB36 advance server. So let’s investigate the new features of 2022 Free Fire Diwali.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022:

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022

As I previously stated, the OB36 update would confirm the Diwali event for India, Bangladesh, and other chosen territories of Garena Free Fire whenever it is made public. The most recent Advance Server update now includes the Diwali-related goods, thanks to Free Fire devs.

The Diwali-themed tokens were received by several Free Fire tippers. Firecracker, Fire Rocket, and Golden Tiger tokens are among the free fire diwali event tokens. Only 3 tokens currently pertain to the country of India. This means that on the day of the OB36 Maintenance update, all Free Diwali goodies, including the Free package, melee weapon skins, and firearms skins, will be revealed.

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Diwali Wish Event Free Fire:

Just another web event for Diwali is Wish Event. In every year, Free Fire releases Diwali Wish Event with different names. Like Gift of Light:

Where you can find ancient and unusual bundles with gun skins. The guaranteed rare goodies in the Diwali Wish Event are what make it so popular. For example, if you spin, you can immediately guess how many diamonds are needed for that bundle or skin.

  • 1x Spin include Normal with rare items
  • 5x Spin include guaranteed rare items

Free Fire Diwali event 2022 will take place on October 24, 2022, according to earlier releases. due to the fact that this day is designated as a holiday for this Diwali. Additionally, Garena Free Fire only offers their biggest Diwali event on this official holiday.

Therefore, the Diwali celebration will begin about a week before the busiest day. Thus, you may anticipate that Free Fire Diwali 2022 will begin on October 15 and last for 10 to 12 days.

Sources claim that Free Fire will produce a special fist skin with a Diwali theme. The fist skin has not yet been incorporated to the advance server update. You can therefore wait a few weeks to learn more about the Diwali fist skin.

List of Free Fire Diwali event rewards including Free and Paid:

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022

  1. Fist Skin
  2. Parachute skin
  3. Emote
  4. Magic Cube
  5. Bat skin (looks like a Guitar)
  6. Granade skin
  7. Backpack skin with animation
  8. Fire Rocket token
  9. Firecracker token
  10. Golden Tiger token

With the OB36 release, further awards will be provided in addition to these. You can thus wait for the subsequent patch release to learn more about Free Fire Diwali. I’ll also update the Free Fire Diwali event calendar for 2022 in this post.

Free Magic Cube is the most anticipated prize during Free Fire Diwali. On the Diwali Peak Day of every year, Garena gives you a free magic cube (24 October). Even though the Diwali event schedule will validate the free emote-related information.

Diwali Light Fest:

No Limits The upcoming Diwali celebration will have the theme of Light Fest. You can find changes to in-game elements including the aeroplane, airdrop, loading screen, and more during the event period. Additionally, I want to inform you that the Booyah Day event is expected to be released prior to the Diwali event by two days.

Diwali Pass:

The most well-known event in Free Fire is Diwali Pass. because there are numerous rewards at this event, including a Gloo Wall and a pistol skin. Additionally, you can earn additional benefits by logging in the following 7 days after purchasing the Diwali pass. Everyone is anticipating the Diwali Pass Event 2022 since it will offer more awards and fewer gems.

Diwali Call Back event:

Garena Free Fire also published a call back event alongside the diwali event last year. As a result, you might locate an interesting Diwali call-back event in-game. In order to finish your Diwali call back, you can typically share your call back links with your pals. However, creating at least 3 new Google accounts for your new ids is the most effective method.

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