Diwali Event Coming to Free Fire 2022: Full Details

Upcoming Diwali Event to Free Fire 2022:  Free Fire game is one of the most popular games in our country. The reason behind this popularity is that the game provides various cool new weapons and gun skins to the game here and there. And nowadays colorful skins and guns are the priority of every game. Free fire is no exception for that. The game is developed by Garena, the game developer Company.

In the upcoming days, there are so many cool new events coming into the game. One of them is the Diwali event which is coming to the game. In the upcoming Diwali festival in Free Fire. According to the reports in Diwali in the end there will be a top-up event similar to the Tech Guru top-up. Continuing this, there will be more other upcoming events coming to Free Fire. Are you excited about the Diwali event in Free Fire? Let’s find out in this article.


Upcoming Diwali Event to Free Fire 2021
Diwali Event to Free Fire 2022

Diwali event coming to Free Fire 2022

Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in our country. They attract the players for various cool gun skins and weapons. And their collection of characters also is varied. Players get so excited about these cool new gun skins and weapons in every event. The upcoming Diwali Festival event will be so amazing. It will blow all players’ minds. Are you excited about the upcoming Diwali festival event as we have discussed before? Let’s deep dive into the event that is waiting for us.

New Top-ups, Skins & Gloo Walls are coming…

  1. In the upcoming Diwali event, there will be a top event for Gloo walls. Surely you can top up like 200 diamonds and you can get cool-looking Gloo Walls.
  2. There will be another spin just like a Dragon AK which was held in the previous year’s Diwali festival.
  3. According to the report, there will be a cool new character just like Kubra Set from the previous year.
  4. There are more rumors that you can get a cool new-looking backpack and also emotes. This will be most likely in Luck Royale.
  5. And you can also expect the Diwali festival weekly or monthly events just like the previous year.
  6. Developments will push a major update to get all upcoming Top-ups and spins.
Diwali Event to Free Fire 2022

So that is all about the upcoming Diwali event. I’ll surely post. Another article is about when we can get more and more information about this event. So till that time. Let’s enjoy the game and wait for the. Update. I hope you like my work. Please stay tuned for upcoming updates and events in Free Fire.

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