Call of Duty Android Crashing Problem 2022: All Fixed Full Guide

Call of Duty Android Crashing Problem:- Call of Duty is one of the most popular Battle Royale in the World right now. It has some good graphics & a variety of Maps. Since the launch of the game has achieved several milestones, recently Call of Duty surpassed 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. People of India are crazy about this game because of the little top-ups which developers provide. So, we are expecting the same as the Call of Duty in upcoming updates. But you may ever hear about the Android Crashing problem of Call of Duty. You may wonder, what is that?

Call of Duty is an improved version of the Call of Duty Black Ops. With the introduction of new features and high-quality graphics, to give a good experience to the user. For some reason players expect an Android Crashing problem in the game as well. Are you facing an Android Crashing problem too? Let’s see if we can help you to solve the Android Crashing problems & play the game without any hassle or any Android Crashing problems.

In this, we are here about How to Fix the Call of Duty Android Crashing issue. Many user-facing Android Crashing issues in Call of Duty. When you click on tap to begin Android Crashing then you get Something like this written “Android app crashing”. So let’s discuss in this article how you can solve the Call of Duty Android Crashing issue.

Call of Duty Android Crashing Problem 2022
Call of Duty Android Crashing Problem 2022

What is the Android Crashing issue in Call of Duty?

If you are trying to log in but are unable to do that because there is an Android Crashing problem that is present in Call of Duty. Then let me tell you that the Android Crashing problems in Call of Duty are coming. If you are getting to see the Android Crashing Issue in Call of Duty, read the article carefully & step by step thus you can solve the Android Crashing problem easily & enjoy the game on your own.

Call of Duty Android Crashing Problem 2021

Solve Android Crashing Problem in Call of Duty

Android phones do have an app to open web pages temporarily. An app called “Android System Webview” handles that part. Recently with google updates, the app in your phone may be already updated. SO that’s the reason why this app crashing problem is only happening in android phones.

To solve this,

  • Go to Android Playstore
  • Search for “Android System Webview”
  • There will be two options to choose from – Uninstall & Update/Open
  • Just click on the Uninstall
  • It will automatically downgrade to the factory version.
  • There you go, the game will be fixed.

Don’t worry if you uninstall that app. It will do all its basic functions without any updates. Hope google will update it in near future but till then, keep it to the factory version without any data loss or worries.

Hope you guys like my work. For amazing game-related content stay tuned to us.

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