Summer Smash Cup Fortnite, Rules, Prize Pool, Rewards 2022

Summer Smash Cup Fortnite: Looks, like there are no breaks for content flowing from the developers of Fortnite. And after the grand success of the Fortnite Playstation cup. There is a new cup that is soon to be announced. Epic game and Fortnite are bringing back the Summer Smash Cup. The cup will be available for a limited time and even the players that can participate in the cup will be for a limited number and there will be prize money involved with it as well.

If you want to know everything about the Summer Smash Cup of Fortnite, we have you covered. In this article, we have curated and created everything you need to know about the Summer Smash Cup – what is the Summer Smash Cup, Which section of players will be able to play the smashed cup? What is the prize pool? Where can we watch the Summer Smash Cup? Rewards in the game? and many more. Read on to know more.

Summer Smash Cup Fortnite

Summer Smash Cup is coming back to Fortnite. The Summer Smash Cup is usually conducte during the Australian Open. Australian Open is the first of the Tennis Grand slams that begins every year and continues for two weeks. Fortnite’s brand name has gotten strong over the years and Summer Smash Cup is a feature and it has been the same tradition for the last two years.

From 2019, was even able to conduct in person last year as well. But this time around, since the pandemic is already in rising, Fortnite has shifted the entire Summer Smash Cup, into an online event. And there’s an entirely online tournament for the oceania players.

Summer Smash Cup Fortnite

Players Who Will Be Participating in The Summer Smash Cup and Duos

Players will be able to play in duos as well, but the entire Fortnite duos international and Smash Cup are open only for a limited number of people. As for Fortnite duos international, players need to select their duos and compete with some of the best Fortnite players around the globe. Epic Games has not released any official confirmation about the competitors that will take part in the Summer Smash Cup and Fortnite Duos until now.

The Summer Smash Cup is schedule and will be play during the last weekend of the Australian Open, which falls around January 30th. All the players will battle it out in the island of Fortnite before the highly anticipated Australian Open finale takes center stage. Australian Open is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, to have Fortnite Summer Smash Cup, right before it as an event, is a unique move and will garner all the attention and increase the viewership as well, around the globe.

Summer Smash Cup Fortnite Prize Pool

While there’s no official word on what the prize pool for Summer Smash Cup is, there is an official word out about the prize pool for winning the Fortnite Duos. The prize money for winning the duos will be $100,000 USD. And the prize money will be evenly split between the winners and can donate to a charity of their choice as well. There are strong rumors about the prize pool being the same for the summer smash cup as well, an official announcement is await.

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How to Watch Summer Smash Cup

The summer smash cup will be available starting Saturday and will come to a conclusion on Sunday, there is no official word on what is the prize money that is offered for the top players. But to make sure, everyone is being part of this experience, there is an online exhibition that is offered. One of its kind, AO interactive exhibition will be available from Fortnite Creative.

And there is still no official word on what will be available as part of this interactive exhibition. But it can be very much assumed, that the whole AO interactive exhibition will be very much similar to that of the Fortnite fan zone, which took place last year. There are strong rumors, that this entire exhibition will be available to players on all servers of Fortnite, but there is no official confirmation regarding that as well.

The entirety of the Australian Open will be happening physically, on the other hand, the summer smash cup is an entirely online event. The Summer Smash Invitational will be live from the opening weekend of Australian life and the Final for the summer smash cup will take place right before the Australian Open finals all of these events can be live streamed by all the enthusiastic Fortnite fans on the witch and Youtube channels of Australia Open.

Game During Summer Smash Cup Rewards

Since Fortnite duos and summer smash cup will go live almost at the same time. The pairs participating in these events will receive rewards in the game as well. If a pair, manages to land or grab a spot on the leadership board(mostly on the higher end ), they will award with a – “Stash’d the hooded character skin”. Stash’s hooded character skin is one of the big prizes and the sprays that will coordinate well and go along will be the other rewards. The character skin is very limit and might not release in Fortnite at all.

Summer Smash Cup Fortnite
Summer Smash Cup Fortnite

Summer Smash Cup Rules for Earning Points

No matter what tournament it is, the entire reward and points and earning system keeps varying in Fortnite. But in the case of Summer Smash Cup, it follows in the same old steps and the points will be reward in the same old ways.

  • Kills don’t get you more points.
  • Eliminations will give 2 points.
  • If the player finishes in the top 10, in a single match- the rewards will be in double digits.
  • A Victory Royale will give the players – 30 points.

If the players are participating in duos, it is highly advisable to survive as long as possible and play very smartly and does not bother fighting if it is not necessary, and be quick. All the remaining official confirmations regarding the prize money and whether other server players could participate in the Summer Smash Cup should be reveal shortly. Since any news or events related to Fortnite generate a lot of buzz and hype among the gaming community. You can check back on our website for any more developments regarding Fortnite and other major gaming news and developments.

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