Top 10 COD Mobile Players Right Now

Top 10 COD Mobile Players right now: The Modern Warfare and Black Ops series are two examples of popular COD material that Call of Duty Mobile has always been better equipped to include. Numerous gamers found the add-ons to be relevant in many cases. As a result, the majority of players thought COD Mobile was nostalgic.

There is no denying that COD Mobile is an intriguing first-person game that attracts players of all various varieties from everywhere in the world, even though some people play for enjoyment and some with passion. However, our ranking only has room for the greatest, much as how each COD Mobile squad can indeed have one MVP.

Top 10 COD Mobile Players Right Now
Top 10 COD Mobile Players Right Now

Top 10 COD Mobile Players Right Now

#1 SGE_Moonscope

In COD Mobile games, the Indian sniper SGE Moonscope is a formidable opponent. He occasionally broadcasts on YouTube as well. He succeeded in shocking and amusing us as well as well-known YouTuber Bobby, much like 3Amoor. Moonscape and 3Amoor engaged in a friendly 1v1 battle in which Moonscope demonstrated his remarkable abilities against a different professional sniper.

#2 Flacko

Another well-known name in the sniper community of COD Mobile is Flacko. In fact, if they see Flacko on the other team, players become intimidated and frequently give up early on. We hope we never come under his wrath because of his agility, which is impressive even against the biggest of snipers. He also has a rapid scope and a mastery of hip shooting. He frequently kills opponents while running at them and effortlessly snaps them as they slip or leap, which is a challenging task.

#3 HawksNest

A YouTuber named HawksNest creates lessons and shares his tactics and viewpoints to aid other gamers in becoming better players. His Youtube channel is mainly a how-to for video games. It includes gameplays in addition to instructions for various control schemes, ideal settings, load-outs, and other things. While streaming, he was able to observe and analyze the tactics and plays of his rivals, demonstrating his thorough understanding of the intricacies of the game. His adaptability to many platforms and HUD configurations is really highly instructive and useful for gamers.

#4 Jokesta

Jokesta is an aggressive player who is brutal and seamless—the kind of opponent we wouldn’t really want on our side. He continues in locating and eliminating opponents even when they are concealed, such as behind walls or in the air. When he’s not dominating other gamers somewhat on the scoreboard, he spends much of his time acquiring the game’s most outrageous skins, which are considerably above our pay grade. Since then, he has always been one of COD Mobile’s most reliable players. Due to his exceptional game talents, he has a sizable fan base.

#5 Godzly

Godzly is a seasoned COD Mobile player who regularly improves his work. Despite constantly experimenting with loadouts and combinations, he manages to maintain a steady position at the top of the leaderboard. He is particularly deadly because of his bold and adaptable playstyle.

Top 10 COD Mobile Players right now
Top 10 COD Mobile Players Right Now

Godzly has a strong track record as a COD Mobile player, earning multiple MVPs in ranked matches. He is frequently seen bringing so very many teams to win because of his quick reactions and abilities. He is so good because he consistently strives to step outside of his comfort bubble while still playing consistently.

#6 Kennedy IDra Mondoy

Similar to Jayzee, iDra competes for the famous NRX Jeremiah 29:11, one of the most well-known Call of Duty Mobile ESports teams. He has played CODM from the day it launched, and he is a proficient and effective player with a number of significant wins to his credit. iDra was one of the players that earned a spot in the 2020 Call of Duty Mobile World Championship before it was canceled. Alongside prominent CODM rivals like Jayzee, Woopiiee, and Crush, he has also amassed a string of victories. He is without a doubt one of the finest COD mobile athletes in the league today and has earned thousands of dollars playing CODM.

#7 Roland LittleB Byambasuren

Let’s face it: Tribe Gaming is a crucial company in the Call of Duty Mobile industry. This is true. This list has several Tribe Gaming competitors, as seen by the presence of LittleB, a well-known player, as well as other competitors. He has been a player since the game’s launch and is an OG competitor. He has competed against some of the best Call of Duty mobile talent worldwide, like Godzly and Bolu. Additionally, LittleB has represented his squad at a world championship level on a global scale. Although he only has 70K YouTube subscribers, LittleB has a bright future ahead of him.

#8 HawksNest

One of the best COD players is HawksNest. He enjoys instructing COD Mobile, and his methods are very useful. Additionally, he has a personal YouTube channel with about 500k subscribers. His tips for enhancing your COD gameplay are quite good. If you’re new to Call of Duty, be sure to check out this YouTube channel for fascinating insights.

#9 Knifes iOS

iOSKnifes iOS is the most original player on your list, and as his name implies, he is an expert knife user. The game’s other melee weapons. It might be difficult to believe, but this guy only used knives while playing the game to get to the top ranks. He loves to stream and create content for over 90K subscribers on his YouTube channel, which he also owns.

#10 iFerg

iFerg is a well-known YouTuber in addition to being one of the top COD Mobile Players. With regard to COD, he enjoys playing a variety of first-person games on different platforms. He excels at it in particular. On YouTube, he has more than 1.7 million subscribers. His fame has generated a sizable fan base, and viewers eagerly anticipate seeing him play COD. Professional COD mobile player iFerg’s account was arbitrarily suspended this morning, confusing him and his followers. The world’s best Call of Duty: Mobile player, Luke “iFerg” Fergie, just won his third Battle Royale Worlds competition.

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