Try to Lift the Seal Genshin Impact

Try to Lift the Seal Genshin Impact: A huge open world is featured in the action JRPG Genshin Impact, which is free to play. However, the expansive open world comes with some challenging riddles that are even more challenging than Breath of the Wild, which served as Genshin Impact’s likely influence. How to open the lock on the Stormterror’s Lair is one problem that requires you to interact with three specified spots and collect nine pieces, which can be a little complicated.

You must remove three seals from a chest in Dadaupa Gorge as part of a secret side mission. The information in this guide on How To Unlock The Tri-Seal In Genshin Impact will provide you with all the information you need to remove each of the seals from the adjacent camps so you can disassemble them and take the chest that is inside.

The information in guides must be updated as Genshin Impact grows, changes, and updates in order for them to remain pertinent to the new material. For the benefit of new players who have just discovered the Stormterror’s Lair, this article has been revised for clarity and expanded with new images.

Stormterror Genshin Impact: Try to Lift the Seal Genshin Impact

Try to Lift the Seal Genshin Impact
Act 3 of Genshin Impact is where the Stormterror’s Lair puzzle is found. To successfully complete this challenge and the Lair, players should be about level 19 or 20. The Lair is situated west of Mondstadt, the starting city, in the northern region of Teyvat’s map where players can also find a souvenir shop. There is a shadowy area there that has been circularly shaped by water.
In Genshin Impact, players need to breach three seals before they can enter the dragon’s lair. A number of Guiding Light pieces, or parts of the constellation, are needed to unlock each seal. To the east, north, and west, respectively, there is one seal each. There is no official confirmation, but it seems like players must complete these three seals in this specific order.
Players must utilise their Genshin Impact glider wings, which resemble those from Breath of the Wild, to navigate two Guiding Light pieces that are perched atop ruins pillars that resemble a coliseum in order to open the seal to the east. Similar principles apply; in order to soar atop the pillars, players must locate upward air currents. Close to the main pillar are the two components. Before looking to the left, ascend the stairs to the east of the pillar. On ruins resembling a colosseum, there will be two illuminating pieces. Utilizing wind gusts, fly there and take both with you.

Break the Northern Seal of Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, players can travel quickly, and they should use this ability in this situation. Between each seal, swiftly returning to the Lair will provide them with a good launching position from which to glide to the following seal. Discover the teleport waypoint pillar at the northern seal by going there. The lighting to the north should make the pieces very clear; this time there will be three.

The Western Seal is the last seal to enter the dragon’s lair. Once more, players have the option of flying to the west after using quick travel to reach the Lair. The three luminous objects are arranged around the main pillar. The Seal to the Lair will be shattered once you’ve collected them all and defeated the adversaries with the best Genshin Impact characters.

Players should use Elemental Sight first, then take any of the trails to get where they’re going. The player must first combat a small army of foes before taking down three elemental orbs, which can be effectively destroyed using Anemo.


Is Genshin Impact the best video game?

Yes. The Genshin Impact is currently the best-in-class video game. It is played and loved by players all across the globe.

Is Genshin Impact Seal a multiplayer video game?

Yes. It is a multi-player video game. That means you can play it with your family and friends easily.

Is Genshin Impact available on various platforms?

Yes. It is available on various platforms for the players.

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