Look for The Submerged Cave Genshin Impact

Look for The Submerged Cave Genshin Impact: You’ve Come to The Correct Place if You’re Seeking Information About the Look for The Underwater Cave Genshin Impact. Go to The Statue of The Seven in The Vissudha Field First, and Then Glide to The Location Circled in The Following Image. a Locking Mechanism, a Seelie, and Two Ruin Sentinels Can Be Found at The Top of The Waterfall if You Turn Right After Reaching It. Just Be Careful Not to Glide Too Close to The Water.

Steps to Drain the Water Level in Vissudha Field in Sumeru in Genshin Impact

To Activate the Mechanism, Defeat the Ruin Sentinels. the Water Level Can Be Drained Halfway by Interacting with It. the Seelie Can Be Disregarded, and You Can Proceed Straight to The Cave on The Left. Once You Enter a Sizable Cavern with Some Dendro Monuments Strewn About, Keep Moving Further Down the Road.

Look for The Submerged Cave Genshin Impact
Look for The Submerged Cave Genshin Impact

Step 1: As The First Step. Make a Left Turn to Discover a Dendro Monument Concealed Within an Arched Entranceway. It Can Be Activate with Any Dendro Attack. Then, Ascend to The Dendro Barrier that Has Treasure Hoarders All Around It. You Can Use a Four-Leaf Sigil to Launch Yourself Upward to The Left of The Building, Where You Will Find a Small Hole that You Can Utilise to Enter the Closed Room. to Remove the Barrier Once You Are Inside, Activate the Second Dendro Monument.

Step 2: Then, Leap Down until You Are Directly Above the Water. Use Any Dendro Attack on The Branch-Covered Rock to Make It Extend Its Branches and Expose an Auspicious Branch Beneath. It Can Interact with The Call Dendrograna.

In Step 3: When You’ve Finished with It, Then Go Use the Dendrograna to Target the Green-Cored Rock in Front of And Behind You. One Will Show a Third Dendro Monument; Start Burning It Right Away. the Other Will Call Forth Foes and Reveal a Door. Once the Adversaries Have Been Vanquished, Enter the Room to Find Yourself Back Where You Started, in Front of The Locking Mechanism.

Step 4: To Find One More Rock with A Green Core, Turn Right. Discover the Fourth and Last Dendro Monument by Attacking It with Dendrogranum. to Unlock the Locking Mechanism, Light It Up.

Where to Find the Exact Location

The Enormous Ruin Guard in Devantaka Mountain Must Be Accessed by Researcher Jazari in The Vimana Agama Chapter of The Aranyaka Journal. This Requires the Assistance of Genshin Impact Gamers. but The Scientist Needs a Special Key Known as An Amiti Device in Order to Unlock the Door. According to Rumours, a Well-Known Explorer Has This Mechanical Component. Travellers and The Players Will Quickly Learn that This Key Is Divided Into Three Parts by Inquiring About the Descendent of This Adventurer.

Players of Genshin Impact Must Travel to The Darkest Caves in Order to Locate One of The Amiti Device’s Components. Travellers Must First Figure out How to Lower the Water Level Because One of Them Is Entirely Immersed. the Cave Must Then Be Completely Drained After Performing This Operation a Second Time. Fortunately, It Is Not Difficult to Lower the Water Level and Do so Further.

Look for The Submerged Cave Genshin Impact
Look for The Submerged Cave Genshin Impact

Lower the Water Level in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Explorers Will Soon Need to Drop the Water Level Even More as They Make Their Way Deeper Into the Cave. to Accomplish This, Gamers Must Locate a Location with Three Dendro Elemental Monuments.

First, Summon Dendrograna from Its Branch to Begin Solving This Problem. After That, Shoot the Three Dendro Items Perched Atop the Dendro Monuments Using Charged or Directed Rounds. the Monument Seals Will Eventually Be Removed as A Result of This.


How To Lower the Water Level in Genshin Impact?

Here, in The Article Above We Have Clearly Specified the Stepwise Process to Lower the Water Level.

What Is the Exact Location of The Submerged Cave?

First, We Have Detailed the Exact Position and The Location of The Submerged Cave and Also the Stepwise Process to Get There.


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