Tower of Fantasy 2.0: Characters, Changes, Tier and Weapon List

Tower of Fantasy 2.0: The several glitches which are faced by the players recently in the Tower of Fantasy. These are fixed by updates and recent notifications that are been brought up.  The thrilling journey. Which went on the global platform after being launched globally on August 11.

It was well greeted and received a very warm welcome by the players, although there are some issues that make it difficult to enjoy the action and also cause a somewhat bad experience for the players. While enjoying the playing experience. Although their number is discouraging and so needs to be resolved at the earliest. The creators pledged to quickly repair all important issues before they make the players go off or stay disconnected from the game.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0
Tower of Fantasy 2.0

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Characters

First and foremost. They are now trying to attempt and address the issue with the queues and to answer the queries of the players in the update launched recently on August 13. It is well known that the popularity of Tower of Fantasy plays a cruel joke on the game’s developers. The developers would be in no mood to let this fame and the love they are enjoying from the players from all across the globe go all in vain. As this would simply mean that all their hard efforts and dedication will all be lost. And that all players frequently queue up in order to access the game’s servers because they are unable to enter them.

The collection of simulacra, or playable Tower of Fantasy figures, is currently short, but we anticipate that it will expand in the upcoming time  Pulling all of them is well worth it because they each have exquisite designs, fascinating biographies, and potent weapons. Each Tower of Fantasy Simulacra is described in this guide, along with a few specifics about what makes each one unique.

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Weapon of Ene (Oraphin): Pummeler

One is a backup of the consciousness of the project owner’s daughter, who eventually obtained the authority to exist as a being. One is considered to be the first version of the battle droids created by a private military contractor. She is forceful and destructive, yet dislikes working in a group.

Her best and most favorable presents include toys, games, and decor.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Changes:

Here we have discusse below all the recent changes that are brought out in the game.

  • The choice to alter your subject’s chest is now part of character customization.
  • The ability to change audio translations has been fixed.
  • Problems with text that is cut out, languages that are missing, and other localization-related problems have been greatly addressed.
  • German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Thai text localization are going to be added.
  • Some Activity Mission criteria have been lowered as per the player’s convenience.
  • Reduced the numerical complexity of Border Clash and Joint Operation, and appropriately modified the CS.
  • Some emoticons and smileys will be added.
  • Several minor bugs will be fixed.
Tower of Fantasy 2.0
Tower of Fantasy 2.0

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Tier List

  • Top tier: Samir, Cocoritter, King, Nemesis
  • A tier: Crow, Huma, Shiro, Tsubasa
  • B tier: Zero, Meryl, Ene, Echo
  • C tier: Bai Ling, Hilda, Pepper

Weapon list

  • Top tier: Dual EM Stars, Absolute Zero, Scythe Of The Crow, Venus
  • A tier: Thunderblades, Molten Shield V2, Chakram Of The Seas, Icewind Arrow
  • B tier: Negating Cube, Rosy Edge, Pummeler, Thunderous Halberd
  • C tier: Nightingale’s Feather, The Terminator, Staff Of Scars

Weapon Setup Guide: Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Apk Download

Here is the list of the category of all the major and the best of the best weapons available in the Tower of fantasy 2.0.

SSS is the highest rank available. And the weapons falling within this category are controlled for maximum harm. They are the most effective weapons to use at any stage of the game.

The second potent weapon after the SSS is now available. While not as potent as the SSS, these weapons will nevertheless serve the players’ needs well.

R – Here, the weakest weapons are highlighted in this category list.


Is Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Playable Now?

Yes. The game is playable now. There are some minor glitches that are being faced now. But they will be fixed soon as the developers have already started working on it.

What is the Tower of Fantasy Release Date?

The Release Date of Tower of Fantasy Global Is 16 December 2021.

Is Tower of Fantasy playable on mobile?

Yes. The Tower Of Fantasy Is playable on mobile. There are various exciting characters for the players which we have listed above already in this article.

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