BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch ! Fix Now

BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch: Following the event’s or the game’s countrywide prohibition, the well-known BR title BGMI was removed and was taken back by the developers themselves from the Google Play Store and also from the App Store around July 28. The game’s maker and creator, Krafton, has pulled it from online outlets as requested by the Indian government and the authorities.

Despite the fact that the game’s networks are still operational though with some partial glitches and not in an as smooth manner as it use to work on earlier obviously because the game as per the official notices is banned and so the developers might be facing various issues to bring in the network and to keep the servers still working throughout the country. And that many players are still participating in the events and the tournaments that the developers are bringing into the game for the players, they are at a loss as to how to get additional rewards and free gifts, and also special rewards. This post will go into further detail regarding this odd problem that different players have been having.

How to buy the M14 Royal Pass In BGMI
How to buy the M14 Royal Pass In BGMI

Reason M14 BGMI Royal Pass Glitch:

BGMI will advance to the recently launched royale pass in the upcoming weeks or in the next or upcoming few days. Players can presently or at the moment purchase the M14 Royale pass though obviously not in an as simple a manner as they use to purchase the passes earlier. But by using some special tricks and tips, The players can make it to the M4 Royal Pass  The method does, however, have a lot of holes and might not work or g for gamers. Here, you may find out about all the upcoming in-game items and awards. In order to better understand the upcoming BGMI M14 Royale Pass Rewards and Leaks, read on.

With the royale pass, Krafton pleasantly surprises us every month with something new. The new Royale pass will provide players access to a wide range of rewards. According to reports, the Month 13 Royale pass will also come with fresh bonuses for the users. As usual, headgear would be available for 5RP. The topic of a new plane skin has received a lot of attention.

BGMI M14 Royal Pass Official Leaks

  • Crimoson Flamegon – Mosin-Nagant
  • Extreme out layer – set
  • Spacecraft Stun Grenade
  • Stelar Sense Backpack
  • Parasuit Skin & Granade Skin
  • Casual Stroll set

New Leaks Available

According to numerous rumors and leaks which are not official and so not so trustworthy for the player’s community says, players will be able to set up camp from a tree. There is a significant chance that this feature will also be accessible in the “classic model.” available in the game itself.  However, the community has not yet provided any official confirmation. This gives us a reason for not being completely assured.

Players may be able to camp comfortably and easily under a tree or get behind the cover in classic mode, although these are only small leaks. Which might not attract the player’s community up to a wider extent.  Despite being unformed, there is still a possibility and chance. Campers will surely find it appealing. They will be able to spot enemies from the top of the tree. Therefore, the No Way Home mode’s mark is still there.

How to buy M14 Royal Pass In BGMI

Here are the steps to download and purchase the M14 Royal Pass In Bgmi:

  •  Find this file after it is downloaded in your files manager.
  •  Now move to ANDROID in your device>then DATA> then Com.pubg.imobile> Then to files> UE4Games> SHADOWtrackerExtra>Saved>paks>ODPaks.
  • Now the file that you have downloaded. Get it pasted in the ODPaks.


There you go. Now you will be able to purchase the RP and use it to enjoy the gaming experience without any interruptions.


Are There Rewards Available for The BGMI M14?

Yes. There are a lot of free and special gifts. The players can easily and comfortably avail all that the developers are providing through the rewards.

Can we solve the M14 Royal Pass Glitch?

Yes. The players can solve the M14 BGMI Royal Pass Glitch easily by the steps we have already detailed above.

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