BGMI Month 14 Royal Pass Can’t Buy! How To Buy

BGMI Month 14 Royal Pass Can’t Buy: Following the game’s international and global fame and support from the players but nationwide prohibition. The well-known BR title in the Battleground mobile India BGMI was removed from the Google Play Store and the App Store. It dated long back around July 28. The game’s developer and creator. Which is widely known as Krafton. Has pulled it from online outlets as requested by the Indian authorities.

Despite the fact that the game’s networks though are rarely and occasionally operational. And that many players are still participating. They are at a loss as to how to get an additional Month of 14 RP. This post will go into further detail regarding this odd problem that different players have been having. We have attached and also detailed and also have also listed down .all the options that are available to us and also for the players to get this issue resolved at the earliest.

BGMI Month 14 Royal Pass Can't Buy
BGMI Month 14 Royal Pass Can’t Buy

Month 13 Royal Pass Expired

The Month 13 Royale Pass expired at 5:30 A.M. IST earlier today. Month 14 quite obvious is going to be launched only after the previous month. I.e., Month 13 had already expired. The players can avail of the  Royale Pass afterward. At around 7:30 am IST. Introduced in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Thanks to this as was to be expected.

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Issues Players Are Facing Month 14 Royal Pass

It goes without saying that this caused a lot of users to log in and buy the new M14 Royale Pass. They were instructed and sent to the main lobby while they try to arrive at the RP section. And choosing the “Upgrade Pass” that is available on the screen option.

It became apparent over time passed that the developers had already blocked the purchasing of the upgraded and recently launched Royale Pass for the new month. As a result of the suspension on the purchase of UC that has ultimately been because of the suspension of the game officially in the country. Despite the fact that it was initially believed to be a bug. For many players, this has had a negative impact on their playing experience as it has hampered their game to a wider extent.

New Rewards Will Be Introduced in Month 14 with The New C3 S7 Royal Pass:

The following lists the ranked rewards offered in the new BGMI 14 RP:

  • Emerald Leaf PP-Bizon and the Oasis Idol Set are RP Rank 1 items.
  • Oasis Idol Cover, RP Position 5
  • RP Rank 10: Backpack with Gilded Flower
  • RP Avatar Gemstone Ring Ornament and Street Dance Emote at Rank 15
  • Perfume bottle stun grenade with an enchanted wish parachute for RP rank 20.
  • 23rd place in the RP: Nightfarer Glasses
  • Rank 25 in RP: Nightfarer Set Royal Aurum Emote and Imperial Gold Speedboat Finish at RP Rank 30, and Blazing
  • Rose S1897 at RP Rank 35.
  • Gold Feather MK47, rank 40 in RP
  • Royal Aurum mask, can be availed by the players with rank 45 in RP
  • RP Rank 50: Royal Aurum Cover and the Royal Aurum Set.


Is Month 14 Royal Pass BGMI launched?

The month 14 Royal pass BGMI has been launched but due to the suspension of the game in the country. The developers have officially blocked the suspension of Month 14 BGMI Royal Pass. That has led to disappointment among the players.

When BGMI Royal Pass will end?

Month 13 of the BGMI Royal Pass has already ended and hence month 14 will be launched by the krafton who is the developer of the game in no time.

Can we buy the Royal pass in BGMI Month 14?

Yes. We have got a piece of good news. That the players will easily be able to purchase the Royal Pass after the developers will release the induction of the new month officially into the BGMI Royal Pass.

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