Defuse the First Second and Third Bombs Tower of Fantasy

Defuse the First Second and Third Bombs Tower of Fantasy: You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking information on how to defuse the first, second, and third bombs in the Tower of Fantasy. It’s great that they give you the opportunity to play a quick game to kill time, but what if the game is actually a component of the mission?

Few of us are experiencing trouble completing one of the story tasks now that the game is now available worldwide. This time the task is to defuse the bomb. In the recently released free-to-play action role-playing game Tower of Fantasy, players will explore a sizable world area and complete many fascinating tasks from the game’s main story. One of the tasks calls for you to disarm a bomb; if you don’t know how to accomplish so, we’ve got you covered. We will demonstrate how to defuse the first bomb from the quest in Tower of Fantasy in this article.

Defuse the First Second and Third Bombs Tower of Fantasy
Defuse the First Second and Third Bombs Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy

In the fantasy game Tower of Fantasy, depleting resources and a lack of energy have compelled humans to relocate from Earth to Aida, an abundant and hospitable extraterrestrial paradise. They observed the comet Mara there and found an unidentified but potent force named “Omnium” within it. 

They constructed the Omnium Tower in an attempt to capture Mara, but the radiation from the tower had a  disastrous effect on their new homeworld.

Defuse the first, second, and third explosives in the Tower of Fantasy. Defuse the first, second, and third explosives in the Tower of Fantasy tutorial.  This article will resolve all your queries. Detonate the first, second, and third bombs at the Tower of Fantasy location.


Defuse the First Bomb Tower of Fantasy

The main story takes place at the Hykros City Base, and it includes the Bomb Defusing Mission. The rules of the game demand that you play a mini-game in which you launch your pliers in an effort to sever the green wire. Launch-the pliers while keeping your wire a long far from the red wires. This game is similar to the arcade game where you use a claw to catch yourself a cuddly stuffed animal. Fortunately, this one is much simpler than the claw game— at least for the first and second rounds.

Knowing where the bomb is before trying to defuse it is necessary. Within the Hykros City base, the bomb may be discovered on the platform’s second level. Utilize your mini-map to navigate there by following the pin. On top of one of the metal boxes mounted to the wall, it will be standing.

Defuse the First Second and Third Bombs Tower of Fantasy
Defuse the First Second and Third Bombs Tower of Fantasy

Defuse the Second Bomb Positioning

Showing the proper placement of the tongs for people who are experiencing trouble with the second grenade. It fits somewhat, but that is to be expected at the second level.

Defuse the Third Bomb Positioning

There would be electric spheres roving from left to right for the third blast, making it a little challenging. Your sweet spot for launching your pliers will be shown.  Even though it’s a bit little, the second floor is where you would expect that. The bottom sphere is going to enter your drop region while the first electric sphere almost escapes to the right.  On the launch button, press or click.  You would be able to pass this stage and go on to the next if you adhered to the directions above.


Is Tower Of Fantasy a video game?

We’d want to stay out of this as Tower of Fantasy isn’t a very well-known video game right now. Naturally, we’ll provide a thorough analysis and a recommendation on whether or not you should play the game if it continues to gain popularity over the upcoming months. But for the time being, all we can say is that Tower of  Fantasy is a fantastic game. We encourage you to play it and form your own judgment.

Can I play Tower Of fantasy with my friends?

Tower of Fantasy allows you to play with your friends in multiplayer mode online. So bear that in mind the next time you host a gathering at your house. It might be a terrific chance to socialize with loved ones and find out who the finest Tower of Fantasy player is at the same time.

Is Tower of Fantasy available on multiple platforms?

Yes, Tower of Fantasy was created to be compatible with Microsoft Windows computers, Android, iOS, and legacy mobile devices. Being playable on a variety of systems is really convenient.

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