PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022: Format, Date, Teams

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022: Tencent confirmed from its official sources. So the players were eager to know more after the developer announced additional information. Regarding the upcoming $4 million PUBG Mobile Global Championship  (PMGC) 2022. 

The League Stage and the Grand Finals are the two phases in which the competition will be played.
The League Stage, which will be played and will take start oNovember 22. And feature 48 clubs from the  regional professional leagues, will go first. To get to the Grand Finals, team must finish among the top 13 in the League Stage. The stage formats have not yet been made public by the organisers.
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022
The great event of Grand Finals will take place as a LAN event in Indonesia in January 2023. The finals will feature 16 teams in total, which also includes 3 teams who were invited directly.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Prize Pool

Players were enlightened after they came to notice. Realising to see that Tencent has raised the number of places in the PMGC 2022 over earlier iterations.  The 2021 season’s berths were expanded from 24 to 41 teams, up comparing it from the total of 24 teams in the 2020 edition. The event is supposed to happen this year itself. The event will be featuring 51 teams which will be seen competing for a huge prize pool and rewards and also prized trophies and also much more. 

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PUBG Mobile Global Championship Recent Notification and Update

Four Chinese teams would be directly invited to the PMGC 2022, with one team gaining a spot in the Grand  Finals itself, according to a recent announcement by Tencent. The winning team in the current PEL 2022 will advance to the Grand Finals, while the runner-up and third-placed teams will play in the league round. Later this year, Tencent will conduct a regional competition, and also that competition will determine who gets the final spot.
Tencent has disclosed that the new competition, PUBG Mobile Regional Clash, will take place from September 22 to September 25. It will be featuring games between Chinese PEL and SEA teams Back in 2020. Team 4 AM finished as the runner-up to Nova Esports. Which won the inaugural PMGC Championship. One of the most viewed mobile esports competitions of the year, the tournament offered $2 million prize pool.

PUBG Mobile Global Championships Teams

East and West zones, followed by the Grand Finals, made up the PMGC 2021. The prize fund for this 
 the competition was greatly increased, reaching staggering $6 million, and also Nova Esports were successful in retaining its championship. 
The event winner by the defending champions and Order of Nova Esports was named the Grand Finals MVP.
On August 11, an offline competition called the PMWI 2022 is scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Dubai. 
There will be total of 18 teams competing in the first week (Main Event), and 12 teams will compete in the second week.

PMGC Dates

Tencent has not yet disclosed the weekly match’s format, the location of the map, or any other facts. Four Chinese teams will participate in the PMGC in 2022, according to information released by Tencent. According to an earlier statement made by Tencent representatives, the victor of the presently ongoing PEL Summer 2022 would be invited directly to the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals. The teams who finish second and also third, however, will go straight to the league stage.

All X-suits Collection in PUBG BGMI
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022

In addition, Tencent will wrap up a brand-new tournament dubbed PUBG Mobile Regional Clash, which will feature teams from China’s PEL and SEA and award the PMGC 2022 spot to the event’s victor. The new occasion is scheduled to begin on September 22 and is supposed to continue for the next few days till September 25.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Rankings

R8 ESports from the Saudi Arabian region recently became the first team to secure ticket in PMGC 2022  after obtaining the most points during their PMPL Spring and Fall seasons. Teams are now competing to raise their position in the regional PMGC rankings as the PMPL Fall season is currently underway in many regions.
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