PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass: Release Date, Rewards

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass Release Date Rewards: The M13 Royale Pass season in PUBG Mobile was recently implemented with the 2.1 patches. A lot of significant events will be featured in Krafton when fresh content becomes available.

Following the 2.2 update’s launch, players can explore the new features. A massive fan following has developed around the world as a result of the update’s increasing popularity.

PUBG MOBILE M15 Royal Pass

A majority of users are displaying excitement about the upcoming upgrade because it is already in the works.
Because they’ve already begun running the 2.2 upgrades on their testing server. We can see that the developers are far more advanced than we are. The existence of new weaponry, new lobby themes, and also other leaks has been made known by several data miners.

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PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass Release Date

According to estimations, the 2.2 upgrades will most likely arrive around the final or first week of September or early in October 2022 because the 2.1 changes were delivered back on July 19th.
In this section, we’ve listed a few things that players will presumably explore in the upcoming 2.2 updates.

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass
PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass Rewards

Here we have mentioned in detail all the free rewards we are going to get in the PUBG Mobile which is a part of the M15 Royal Pass as we have already discussed. The detailing list has been depicted down for the reference and easy convenience of our players and readers.

#1 New Attachable Grenades:

By hurling a new attachable grenade at an opponent, players can permanently implant the grenade in their abdomen. Version 2.1 had anticipated this item, but it mysteriously did not appear. There is a fair chance that it will be added to the 2.2 updates as a result.

#2 New Self Revive Kit:

Players will be able to revive themselves from any position with the use of a new self revive kit that will be made accessible in the future update. They should be the only ones with access to the gear at that key moment.

#3 Cannon Launchers:

Using a small canon launcher that will be included in the game, players will be able to move between different locations.  In crucial conflicts and when escaping the blue zone, this feature will be more advantageous.

#4 New Automobile skin:

In a partnership with LOTUS NYO, PUBG Mobile will host new events where players can use a brand-new car skin.

#5 New BOBO Car:

Players will get to see a brand-new vintage BOBO car, which has an oval shape. The automobile is currently capable of holding a total of two passengers. The name of the car, according to leaks, is BOBO. The automobile appears considerably more advanced and futuristic.

#6 Crossbow Optimization

A new crossbow type with increased perfect damage and respectable moving speed will be released. This powerful crossbow allows users to quickly destroy an entire squad.

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 RP Rewards

All of the improvements that have been revealed are for the PUBG Mobile 2.2 Beta release, where testers may try them out and also provide feedback to the developer. Given that these features are still in the beta testing phase, there may be some modifications following the update’s publication.

BGMI M15 Royal Pass
PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass

The latest rewards of PUBG Mobile can be multiplied by multiple times for the players who have reached a legendary level of 50 or above as at least confirmed by the latest leaks. Also, the developers will give a clear-cut hint regarding this update. This multiplier of rewards and the free characters is going to benefit all the players above the level 50. We are closely monitoring the update and the latest information and will definitely bring out covering all the new and relevant information.

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