New Halloween Update In COD Mobile Season 7

New Halloween Update In COD Mobile: With a Halloween-themed event, the new burst fire Swordfish assault rifle. Eerie modes, a new battle pass, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 9: Nightmare is now available. Some weapon balance for multiplayer. Battle royale is mentioned in the patch notes for the update.

Trick Or Treat Event

In the Trick-or-Treat event introduced by the Season 9 Nightmare update. Players can digitally “Knock” on their  friends’ doors to ask for candy as part of the Trick-or-Treat tradition. A player can click on each friend in this list to “visit” them. It functions something like an event tab with their buddies or other teammates. In exchange for a difficult chore or candy, the friend will occasionally give them a treat.
New Halloween Update In COD Mobile Season 7
New Halloween Update In COD Mobile Season 7
Players advance through event stages for goodies like blueprints for Halloween-themed weapons by earning event XP. Which is awarded by collecting candy. Furthermore, players need not worry if their Call of Duty Mobile account does not have a large number of friends the game will generate some NPC players to help them fill out their event roster.

COD Mobile Halloween Update

The standoff is now available in a Halloween-themed version that provides this well-liked map with a nighttime backdrop with Halloween decorations. Additionally, the Hovec Sawmill map from Modern Warfare 2019 makes its Call of Duty Mobile premiere, but the holiday-themed mobile version is set at night.

Two new multiplayer modes are also available thanks to the Nightmare update. As part of the Drop Zone mode, which was first featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, teams must contend with one another for control of a fixed drop zone that rotates throughout the game.

Holding the zone, which causes care packages to drop onto the map, is the only method to earn scorestreaks in Drop Zone. The new 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed may not be thematically appropriate for this season, but Drop Zone is still available.

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Halloween Event COD Mobile

The new 50-tier battle pass for Season 9 includes a tonne of eerie operator skins and weapon blueprints. But more crucially, the free levels are where the battle pass’s actual meat can be discovered. This includes the brand-new Swordfish assault rifle with burst fire and the TAK-5 operator skill.
Which provides a team healing capability akin to that of operator Crash in Black Ops 4. Players can therefore access part of the interesting content without even purchasing the premium membership.
COD Mobile Season 7 All Upcoming Lucky Draw
New Halloween Update In COD Mobile Season 7

COD Mobile Latest Update

  • Later in the season, night option for the primary map of battle royale, Isolated, will be available. 
  • Between October 29 and November 4, this restricted edition will be accessible. 
  • Right now, the Blackout map will likely have some zombie frights. 
  • Battle Royale also hinted at brand-new class ability. 
  • Players will have access to jetpack for map navigation when the Pumped class debuts in future event.

COD Mobile Season 7 Update

Even while Season 9 doesn’t have a brand-new Clan Wars season, the upgrade modifies the system. The gain rate for clan cash has already been greatly raised to assist players in obtaining any items in the store they have been working toward, such as a new operator or weapon blueprint.
Because after this season the cash will be reset to zero and shop products will start to cycle out, the makers are urging players to complete and unlock as much as they can. Season 10 will include new Clan Wars awards and further upgrades.

COD Mobile Halloween event

Players can now enjoy a Halloween-themed variant of Standoff, which gives this popular map a nighttime setting with Halloween decorations. Also, Modern Warfare 2019’s Hovec Sawmill map makes its Call of Duty Mobile debut, but the mobile version is set at night for the holiday.

The Nightmare update also brings two new multiplayer modes to enjoy. Drop Zone, originally introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, requires teams to battle for control of a designated drop zone that rotates throughout the match.

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