Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked System Change

Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked System Change: Beginning with Season 2, Apex Legends’ battle royale Ranked queue has seen a considerable increase in player growth and maturity. In response, The Ranked experience must change. With the release of Saviors, we begin the first of numerous initiatives we are launching to enhance Ranked for all users.

What Is the New Ranked System in Apex?

Two primary pillars make up the current Ranked objectives: Teamplay for Victory precise skill and more fierce competition. We are implementing a significant number of adjustments that centre on these two fundamental tenets, with the goal of having players concentrate on teamwork and winning RP will give a more accurate picture of your overall gaming power.

Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked System Change
Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked System Change

Does the Apex Ranked Map Change?

Since Apex Legends is primarily a team-based game, rewards for players should be given at the team level. When one of the members of a team gets a kill, the entire team will now gain some RP.
A battle royale game is Apex Legends. The main goal is to survive, and killing is how you do it. Any restrictions on killing awards place an undesired emphasis and pressure on exceeding these restrictions. So, we’re going in a new direction.

About 100% of points are awarded during the first three eliminations. 
The next three are valued at approximately 80%, and the fourth is worth approximately 20%.
Your benefits will be maximised by our system in order to give the most value to the most beneficial kind of elimination. No matter how you got your eliminations, it won’t matter in what order.
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The value of the first three eliminations is around 100%. Anything following those is worth roughly 80%, and the eliminations done after are worth about 20%. In order to offer the greatest value to the most valuable type of elimination, our algorithm will maximise your winnings. It doesn’t matter in whichever sequence you got your eliminations.

The leaderboard is updated and upside down in less than a minute and so while writing this article the leader of the board is  AxAC_. We are easing the skill-based RP modifiers on kills with the implementation of scaled entrance costs and kill participation.

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Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked System Change


The only tier without fee to join was Bronze. Any invested player would eventually manage  to leave it. 
Therefore, we are adding new tier called Rookie.  This tier will be below Bronze and also serve as an appropriate, one-time-only prelude to Ranked; it will not be associated with any Ranked awards. 
Existing players are unaffected by the introduction of the Rookie Tier and cannot be downgraded into it. They also won’t be reset into it on new splits or seasons.

What KD Is Good in Apex?

We are changing the RP thresholds for each tier and division to take into consideration the increased influx of RP while maintaining a reasonably constant level of difficulty and work required to reach them.

RP thresholds for all tiers and divisions have been modified. Each division’s length is raised by 200RP.
Placing lower than the bottom half of the lobby means losing in battle royale. In Ranked, placements and kills are both crucial performance indicators. Killing without the placing shouldn’t be considered successful. 
Players assigned to this area are probably going to lose RP.
Having strong placements with few to no kills, however, may prevent players from receiving the majority of the RP benefits brought on by the aforementioned Kill RP improvements.

Who has the most kills in Apex?

We have resolved a long-standing problem where kill credits were unintentionally transferred from vanquished teams. Previously, regardless of their involvement in the initial battle, players from any team could misappropriate these downed members on Team B for kill credits by killing them after Team A is annihilated.
These killings are now correctly voided as a result of the problem being corrected Kills are not handed out; they must be earned.
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