How to Get Neon Criminal Bundle in Free Fire

How To Get Neon Criminal Bundle In Free Fire: Beginning in 2018, accounts for select Free Fire players are hard in coming by due to Top Criminal packages. The most uncommon Green criminal package has been reintroduced by Garena in 2021.

However, Free Fire will shortly release a new Top Criminal Bundle for players to enjoy after three years.
Instead of the old-style criminal packages, this one is likely to be famous. So, I’ll give you all the details in this article on the Top Criminal Neon bundle and other in-game products that will be released.

With the release of the OB35 update, the creators of Garena Free Fire recently revealed information on the Neon Criminal Bundle. The whole looks for Neon Criminal Bundle are now available. This Neon Criminal is essentially an improved Red Criminal package. This is quite the same as that of the standard set in the red criminals.

New Update Here: There are no animations or special effects. However, Top Criminal Neon has a unique animation. During elimination, this animation typically appears in your face mask and chest region with a thunder effect.

How to Get Neon Criminal Bundle in Free Fire

Some tipsters claim that this is an improved version of the red criminal. Perhaps Garena put some additional animation to the old criminal bundle. Players who already own the Red Criminal Bundle will not need to spend diamonds on this if Garena creates Neon Criminal using that bundle.

But if this is a brand-new endeavor, distinct from the old red criminal. With the introduction of this new criminal package, Garena also unveiled a brand-new emoji based on the neon criminal motif. This is going to be damn thrilling for the players.

How To Get Neon Criminal In Free Fire:

Free emote and money: Its name is “Free Money.” This emoticon, however, is unique from others. You probably already know that when you use an emote in free fire, the sound only plays once or for 3 to 5 seconds.

There is a distinction add in the Free Money Emotes situation, though. If you don’t stop it yourself, the emoticon will keep playing. Because of this, no additional time has been added for this emote.

There is a long list of all that you can get as freebies based on top criminal- Neon:

  • Top Criminal (Neon) Bundle
  • Free Money Emote
  • Legendary bike skin
  • Grenade – Top criminal and much more on the list.

How to get Neon Criminal Bundle In Free Fire: Latest Update:

Although a sizable amount of uncommon objects have already returned in the shooting game, the criminal theme, particularly the red, had been put on hold. Garena is officially going to release an update regarding this between august 13-19.

Starting on August 5 and lasting through September 13 (middle of the month), the anniversary event is currently underway. Throughout the time, users can take advantage of a variety of prizes and events. As usual, some of the rewards will be given away for nothing, and the remaining amount will be given away through diamond-required activities.


How to Get Neon Criminal Bundle in Free Fire

The later event is expected to reward the Top Criminal Red package. To ensure that they do not lose out on the opportunity to win this highly-regarded bundle. Free Fire MAX users should acquire a sizable number of diamonds. According to a recent official article. The addition of the word “Neon” to the title of the usual Top Criminal Red bundle may bring about additional consequences in How To Get Neon Criminal Bundle In Free Fire

We have covered all the details and the latest update that are already confirmed from official sources. We are watching all the updates closely and will soon update our readers the moment any new update is launched regarding How To Get Neon Criminal Bundle In Free Fire.

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