BGMI M15 Royal Pass Release date, Rewards and All

BGMI M15 Royal Pass Release Date Rewards With the arrival of Season 15 of PUBG Mobile, numerous leaks regarding the impending Royale Pass has begun to appear online. According to the leaks, the Season 15 Royale Pass will have a Moon theme.

The moon emblem will be present on a range of skins and clothing that the gamers will be able to see. The Season 15 Royale Pass will be even more unique thanks to the developers’ introduction of a number of new intriguing and also fascinating rewards in addition to the main theme.

Version 2.2.0
File Size 335 MB
Download APK & OBB
Publisher Krafton, INC.
Supports Android 5.1 & Up
Release Date 14 September 2022
Other Sources Play Store, Tap, Apkpure, Apple Store, Uptodown
Official Website
BGMI 2.2 Release Date September 2022

BGMI M15 Royal Pass

BGMI 15 Royal Pass Release Date Rewards and M15 Royal Pass make you get more rewards as it is like a ticket to enter in rewards. Such as The first reward exposed by data miners was the skin for a four-wheeled Dacia car. It is known as “Rose Moon Dacia” and is available in the Rose color. The moon emblem is also visible to players on it.  At Season 15 Royale Pass level 20, the skin becomes available.

BGMI M15 Royal Pass

BGMI M15 Royal Pass Release Date

On September 13th, PUBG Mobile‘s current season will come to a close. Due to this, PUBG Mobile Season 15 is anticipated to launch on September 15, 2020. The game’s servers will be unavailable as usual for maintenance. All of the aforementioned leaks came from reliable sources.
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BGMI M15 Royal Pass Rewards

M762 skin of beryl

The free Season 15 Royale Pass edition of the game will have the upcoming M762 Beryl skin. A luxurious appearance is created by the use of the colors yellow and also black, and the weapon skin is further enhanced by the clarity of its pattern.  Apparently, level 50 will be the entry point for it.

Kar98k Skin

The Kar98k skin will be the Royale Pass’s most elusive reward. Although the skin’s name hasn’t been made public yet, the 1.0.0 beta version of PUBG Mobile has already revealed how it will ultimately look. The weapon’s skin has a black color finish with a blue ribbon wrapped around the entire weapon.

BGMI M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 RP Rewards:

On September 15, 2020, the forthcoming PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass will be on sale. The RP area will be accessible on the same day that the game’s new season debuts. Before deploying the upgrade, the servers might not be taken offline for maintenance.

At level 100 of the Season 15 Royale Pass, PUBG Mobile will release a new Samurai Oops Outfit that can be unlocked. A new set may also be coming, according to some rumors, and it will be included in the tier awards. Once they reach the Platinum and Ace tiers, players will earn an iron mask and also a parachute, respectively.

The most recent upgrade also included the introduction of an exclusive RP Prime subscription that covered both Prime and Prime Plus and was created in partnership with Google. Regarding the payment, if you want to make. Payments can be made yearly, quarterly, and monthly under the plan. Each month, players can accumulate 300 or 900 RP in coupons, which also come with redemption discounts and advantages for showing their Airplane Ranking.

BGMI M15 Royal Pass

BGMI M15 Royal Pass Release Date Rewards: Outfit Rewards:

#1 Gold Tier:

For achieving the Gold tier, players will receive this evil-themed attire. The mask will not be part of this tier’s reward, and the name of the costume is currently unknown.

#2 Platinum Tier:

The Platinum tier will include the mask that was displayed with the outfit in the preceding point.

#3 Diamond Tier:

For achieving the Diamond rank, players will receive unique SKS gun skin.

#4 Ace Tier:

As you can see, the Season 15 Parachute that will be awarded at the Ace tier has the same concept.

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