Fortnite x Family Guy: Collab, Skins, New Leaks

Fortnite x Family Guy Collab: Will Family Guy’s Peter Griffin appear in Fortnite? It would be a great touch, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Although there are rumours and conjectures about it, there isn’t anything solid that would serve as reliable proof.

Numerous times, his identity has been discovered in the files; nonetheless, some leakers claim that Epic Games does this for amusement only. It is their intention to confuse and divert data miners. However, a few leaks that appeared to confirm a partnership have been made. However, the Family Guy collaboration never took place in Fortnite x Family Guy

It’s unclear whether the details the leaks provided were relics from a failed cooperation or memes the developers placed to mislead the leakers. Right now, there isn’t enough information available to make a firm judgement. This does not imply, however, that a partnership will never succeed.

Family Guy collaboration with Fortnite: A folder called Family Guy was discovered in the cinematic scene of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 when the Unreal Engine 5 stream was going on. If Darth Vader, who was also featured in the presentation, hadn’t visited the Battle Pass, then neither this nor its implications would have been of any importance in Fortnite x Family Guy.

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Fortnite x Family Guy

The word Doom was also displayed along with the two characters. This isn’t even a coincidence considering that an insider had previously stated and is also confirmed from the official sources that Epic Games and Bethesda were collaborating to incorporate skins into Fortnite.

Fortnite x Family Guy
Fortnite x Family Guy Skin Collab

Therefore, it wouldn’t be too difficult to picture Peter Griffin receiving his own skin in Fortnite, especially with Darth Vader already present and Doom Guy on the way. The only uncertainty is the precise date of the big unveiling by the developers. So, if Loopers are fortunate, they won’t have to wait too long in Fortnite x Family Guy.

Fortnite Family Guy: When is the Collaboration possible

As of right now, there is not any specific date or indication that is confirmed from the official sources and can be trusted of a partnership or anything similar. Peter’s entry into the game isn’t expected until September 2022, but that’s a good guess. There is a reason for this, despite the fact that it may appear random. Now let’s go more specific.

The fourth season of Fortnite Chapter 3 debuts on September 18, 2022. Family Guy’s Season 21 will also premiere in the same month, on the 25th. This puts the collaboration window for the show just right. It’s not impossible for this to occur given that the majority of collaborative skins are released in the Battle Pass ahead of the premiere of a show or movie in Fortnite x Family Guy.

Fortnite x Family Guy Collab

Additionally, if the cosmetics are determined to be unworthy of the Battle Pass, they can appear in the Item Shop. Family Guy might experience the same limitation as huge collaborations like Naruto and Dune, which were restricted to the Item Shop. This makes getting the skin easier because levelling up the Battle Pass is not for everyone.

Fortnite x Family Guy: All that you should know

Despite this, it is still advised to hold off on making a decision until an official statement has been made or issued from the official developer side by Epic Games or the leakers or from the other sources on which we can trust or one that can be called reliable or the trustworthy ones. The partnership should be regarded as being void if that doesn’t happen.

We are keenly observing all the update that is happening in this update or collaborations and will update by bringing an article covering all the aspects as soon as the update is brought from the official sources regarding Fortnite x Family Guy.

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