Fortnite X John Cena Skin Available Now In Item Shop

Fortnite x John Cena: Since the beginning of December, there have been countless new partnerships for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. Like Vi from League of Legends, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, the Green Goblin, Spider-adversary, Man’s, and a whole lot more have all found their way back to Fortnite.

Maybe an Uncharted crossover is scheduled to debut in the game in the coming days. With current TV star John Cena, the blows are already flying. He hinted at the upcoming Fortnite crossover on his Instagram. Wild claims that Peacemaker would show up in Epic’s Battle Royale were already floating online months ago. And it appears to be taking place at last.

Following the popularity of the 2021 Suicide Squad remake, HBO Max has developed the Peacemaker’s narrative into its own television series. Not to mention the Harley Quinn skin, which has seen several designs throughout the years, Bloodsport earned his own skin in September to promote the movie. Up to this point, no additional Suicide Squad heroes had already appeared in Fortnite.

Fortnite X John Cena
Fortnite X John Cena

There is an image on Cena’s Instagram that hasn’t been explained, so it may still be interpreted in several ways. However, we think the Fortnite image shows John Cena will play the Peacemaker in the game! Epic has not yet provided a launch date regarding Fortnite x John Cena, since they often just add new content covertly to the Item Shop.

John Cena skin Price in Fortnite

John Cena will cost around $1500 from the Fortnite Item Shop based purely on the fact that it would be an epic rare skin and the cost of all previous collaborations. For roughly 2000+ V-Bucks, players can probably purchase a John Cena bundle which thus contains all of his cosmetics.

It looks like Epic and WWE will be working together for a while as one of the most recognizable and dependable names in WWE will be available as a skin for Fortnite. After spending his whole full-time career in the big E, John Cena is now a part-time performer who predominantly works in Hollywood. He is a 16-time champion. Although there are other combatants that would be ideal for the Fortnite island, John Cena is the ideal name to start with, if only for the enormous potential of the memes.

Fortnite X John Cena
Fortnite X John Cena

Fortnite X John Cena reviews by their fans

Fans responded positively to the emoticon, which even includes Cena’s opening music. Currently, curiously, the attire is seen as an epic rather than placing Cena in the Icon series. However, given that the title of the championship belt is still “TBD,” it is probably going to change.

Given his recent success as the Peacemaker for Something like the Suicide Squad and subsequent landing of a spinoff series, John Cena is certain to be a well-liked acquisition. Cena has simultaneously joined Rocket League, another hit title that’s free to play, in an update that’s due the same day as Fortnite’s tie-in. And here’s the official announcement from Rocket League’s feed, showcasing a car with more of John Cena’s logos:

While it’s become somewhat routine for leakers to discover well-known collaborations in the Epic Games code logs, the impending Peacekeeper crossover seems a little different. This is due to the fact that John Cena himself published the teaser image for the Fortnite universe, causing many fans to assume what would happen next.

This same official Peacemaker TV series, which debuted in mid-January, is currently streaming live on HBO Max, so it seems like a logical scheduling fit. Consequently, it would appear that a cross-promotion into the most well-known combat royale in the world is inevitable. Here is a peek at the teaser image John Cena recently shared on Instagram, implying that his foray into Fortnite may be sooner rather than later.

John Cena Skin Release Date In Fortnite

On July 28, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST, John Cena will be made available in the Fortnite Item Shop. He probably won’t be there for more than a week before being taken off the market again. There is no evidence to imply that you won’t visit the Item Shop again after this time. The timing of this cooperation with SummerSlam 2022, WWE’s yearly summer PPV, is ideal. Although John Cena isn’t officially slated to be on the program, his participation in this crossover may be the first indication of his sudden arrival.

The Fortnite set appears to be a lot of fun overall. Almost every post for every game has some random claim that the title “dropped off,” even though some gamers have critiqued some of the current aesthetic decisions. In the end, the player base is strong, and the sheer amount of material has received high acclaim.

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