M13 Royal Pass Rewards Leaks – BGMI M13 Release Date

M13 Royal Pass Rewards Leaks – BGMI M13 Release Date: Here’s another article about BGMI at our Official Panda. BGMI M13 release date and reward list is to be added here for you all. As you all might know that for now, month 11 BGMI RP, that’s the BGMI m11 Royal Pass Season is going on. Within a week, BGMI M12 Royal Pass will take over too with new rewards.

But there’s a buzz about the BGMI M13 Royal Pass release date and rewards too. Here’s our article about the BGMI M13 Royal Pass release date and rewards.

As per the grapevine and according to the M12 BGMI RP, June 19th is the marked date for BGMI M12 Royal Pass coinciding the 12th month for C3S6 of BGMI. So the BGMI M12 Royal Pass may have its run till July 17th at least. The due date for BGMI M12 RP should be that, then BGMI season 13 M13 Royal Pass will be debuting. It’s as per the current leaks, however the release date for BGMI M13 RP may also change too.

M13 Royal Pass Rewards Leaks - BGMI M13 Release Date

The BGMI M12 Royal Pass is gonna be coming up with exclusive rewards, skins and new gun skins too. Krafton has planned to bring on the long awaited Plane Skin for BGMI M12 RP.

Other Helmets, Grenade Skin, Backpack, Mythic Emote are also a part of the BGMI M12 Royal Pass. So, likewise a brand new helmet and a new m416 Gun is under preparation for the M13 BGMI Royal Pass season, it may come up in the RP 1st to 10th Level.

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BGMI M13 Royal Pass Rewards list! 

BGMI M13 RP will be live right after BGMI M12 RP gets concluded. Krafton which has always been innovative in bringing about new things to BGMI/PUBG, will plan the best for the next BGMI M13 for month 13 too.

Though the official release date for BGMI 13th month M13 Royal Pass is unknown yet, July 18th is said to be the release date for BGMI M13 Royal Pass.

And as usual and as always too, BGMI M13 Royal Pass will be available in two parts, Elite Royal Pass 360 UC, Elite Plus Royal Pass too 960 UC. An EZ License Card will be issued for all the BGMI gamers too once BGMI M12 Royal Pass ends.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass Rewards List

Though no official info is available for BGMI M13 Royal Pass Rewards list, yet the usual Level 1 to 50 RP will be consisting of brand new weapons and skins. A green coloured Armor and helmet is under preperation, a pink emote, M400 Gun and skins, Plane Skin, Orange Ornaments, Grenade Skin packs, Trendsetter Helmet and Cover Skins, Defender Set, Parachute Skin, High Elf Set, Grass Victory Emote.

All these are said to be included there in for the M13 Royal Pass Rewards list alongside some of the M12 RP rewards will also be available there too.

So for now that’s all the info available for the new BGMI M13 Royal Pass Release Date & Rewards too. However Krafton is sure to talk about the M13 Royal Pass Rewards of BGMI very soon, keep checking this handle to know more about the release date and BGMI M13 rewards too.

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