Top 5 Worst Pokemon of Each Type

Top 5 Worst Pokemon of Each Type: Every generation of Pokemon features some truly amazing Pokemon and a few completely terrible ones. Some of these are offensively bad while others are almost impossible to use in battle. This list will give you the lowdown on the worst Pokmon of each type. Read on to find out why each type is bad and how to get around them. You may also be surprised by some of these Pokemon! Then, you can pick the best Pokemon from each type to help you win in battle!

Top 5 Worst Pokemon of Each Type


While Rock/Ground Pokemon may look tough and intimidating, they are surprisingly weak to most other types. The Rock/Ground types are also prone to two 4x weaknesses, so if you’re looking to use these Pokemon in battle, you’re better off using a different type. Here are five of the worst Pokemon of each type. Read on to find out why they’re so bad!

Top 5 Worst Pokemon of Each Type
Top 5 Worst Pokemon of Each Type

Rock/Ground: This type is the most underrated in the game, as it doesn’t have any unique resistances. Because Rock is weak against most types, it is particularly vulnerable against Water. It is also vulnerable to Electric and Rock-type moves, which make it a nightmare for Dragon-type Pokemon. While Rock can resist sandstorms, it is a poor type for defense.

Ghost: A downgrade version of the Dark type, Ghosts are weak against anything, but they are still the most common types in the game. Despite being the most common types, they are also the weakest against the Psychic-type. The only good Normal move is a quick attack, which turns a normal type into a first move when done quickly. But despite its superior stats, this type is still not recommended for battle because it lacks a variety of moves that help it stand out from other types.


It would be hard to find a Pokémon type that is more poorly suited to fighting in the game than Ice. The Ice type suffers from the usual problems of this type, like it comes late to the game and doesn’t evolve until late in the game. The lack of good moves also makes it a difficult type to evolve, but fortunately, there is still a lot of potential in this type. Here are some things you should know before you start evolving your Ice-type.

First, Ice is not very strong. Ice-types are often slow and bulky. The only exceptions to this rule are the Articuno and Glaceon, which are both excellent examples of a Pokémon with an ice-type build. Other Ice-types are also terrible. Despite their high base stats, the only real advantage of Weavile is its speed. Despite this, however, Weavile is not the best Ice-type.


If you’re looking for the worst Pokémon types, you may have to look no further than the Bug. These Pokemon are infamous for their small move sets and weak stats. These bugs are best used against weaker types such as Dragon, Flying, and Ghost. But despite their small stats, some Bugs do have secondary types, such as the Electabuzz and Megahorn. These secondary types will give your Pokemon additional skills and strength.

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Top 5 Worst Pokemon of Each Type

The second worst Pokémon type is the Bug. While this type is largely ignored by players, it is still one of the weakest in the game. Its weak stats and moves make it a poor choice against most opponents. Its weaknesses, like its lack of secondary type, make it a terrible choice for beginners and mid-level players. Whether you’re playing with a starter or an experienced Pokémon, it’s important to choose wisely.

Flying Type – Delibird

Delibird is an adorable Flying-type Pokemon that’s based around Santa Claus. Unfortunately, it takes the spirit of generosity so far that its signature move, Present, actually has a 20% chance of healing its opponent. That’s sweet and all, but it’s also the last thing anyone wants to do in a Pokemon battle.


While Psychic/Fighting Pokemon are generally good dual types, Rock and Steel aren’t. This is because Rock has three weaknesses and Steel has two: Ground and Fighting. Aggron, for example, can’t last against Fighting. Rock also gets rid of Steel’s natural resistance to Water. Finally, Steel lacks Special Defense, which makes it the worst dual type in the game.

Dragon-type Pokemon are the strongest Pokemon in the game and have been for a long time. They are weak to Rock and Ice but otherwise have few weaknesses. Dragons are a strong choice for team players, as their weakness is Water. Psychic/Flying Pokemon are also great PvE options. But be careful of their dual types. If you’re unsure of which type to use, start by looking at the other types.

Psychic/Rock-type Pokemon were the most powerful until the introduction of the Dark-type as a counter to Psychic. While they don’t have the strongest attack, they’re very useless when they’re in the wrong position. Their weaknesses are a little more pronounced for Rock/Psychic Pokemon compared to their Grass counterparts. Their weaknesses are the same as the weaknesses for other types, but they’re also weak to five other types.

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