How to Make a Career as a Game Tester

Game testers test video games before they are released or played by consumers, ensuring that the gameplay and graphics meet specifications set out by the development team. This involves examining the game for bugs and errors and reporting them to the technical department.

There are two main types of game testers: Quality Assurance (QA) Testers and Functional Testing Testers. QA testers check the overall quality of a game, looking at things like audio and visual glitches, while functional testers focus on checking whether the game functions fully. Either way, good testers should constantly strive to improve their skillset.

How to Be a Successful Game Tester?

Make a Career as a Game Tester

Be a Gamer Who Enjoys Playing Video Games

If you want to engage in a game testing field, you must be capable of playing video games and love them, as the job may demand you to play for long periods. Work may entail executing repeated chores at various game levels while looking for possible issues. You may, for example, turn the game on and off several times to see how long it would take to load or if you can multitask while gaming, such as conversing with other players or downloading programs.

Acquire technological expertise

Gaining a technical understanding of games, their dynamics, and the aspects that improve the user experience will become a good game tester. You may utilise gaming systems regularly as a game tester. You will also be better qualified to discuss the games’ technical specifics and the game creators if you have technical skills.

Obtain your bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree isn’t required to work as a game tester. However, pursuing it can increase your chances of landing a dream position with one of the top game production companies. You can pass competitive college admission tests to become more qualified.

Skills required 

This career requires a high level of skill and experience:

  • Coding skills.
  • Writing, listening, and communication skills.
  • Ability to take notes of bugs and glitches and submit them to developers to fix.
  • Capability to work with other experts such as game designers, developers, game artists, etc.
  • Excellent work ethics and knowledge of game confidentiality capacity to operate autonomously with little supervision.

The good thing is that this position is highly lucrative. Once you’ve become a professional you’ll earn a decent sum of money.

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