Complete Go to the Eva Launch Pad BGMI PUBG Mobile

EVA Launch Pad In BGMI: The new game mode in Battlefield: Evangelion will be available on Livik and Erangel maps. This mode will bring players to a special shrunken Blue Zone where the sixth Angel of Evangelion is firing lasers and EVA-01 is spawned. Players will observe the path of the Angel as it destroys fortresses, using the walls of those fortresses as a strategic map.

Evangelion-Themed Game Mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India is adding a new limited-time game mode inspired by the Evangelion anime series. Known as ‘Core Circle’, it will feature the ‘EVA-01 vs. the 6th Evangelion Angel’ battle event and will allow players to join Erangel and also Livik and experience what it feels like to be in Angel’s shoes. The game mode will run through the rest of June 19.

There are a lot of changes coming to this mode. Supply crates will litter the battlefield and contain valuable resources below ground level. You’ll be able to revive your fallen teammates, reviving them with new weapons and equipment. You can also buy special EVANGELION collaboration items between May 14th and June 19th. Lastly, the Evangelion-themed game mode in BGMI will also introduce a new companion, EVA Unit 01, for players to team up with.

Evangelion Spawn Island

If you want to earn more XP and experience more rewards, you can start from the Evangelion Launch Pad in BGMI. This new mode combines several familiar gameplay elements with the introduction of two new building types. You can now rummage through the wreckage of fortresses in order to resupply your base with better supplies. You can also change the structure of the walls of the fortress.

The Evangelion Launch Pad is a limited-time game mode for BGMI. This new mode is inspired by the Evangelion anime series. The game mode is available in both Erangel and Livik, and players can watch EVA-01 and also the 6th Evangelion Angel battle on a special stage in Erangel. Once the battle is over, players can join the fray and make use of the shattered walls of fortresses to strategize.

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Evangelion Launch Pad

Evangelion Launch Pad In BGMI is an upcoming game mode that lets players battle in the upcoming anime. This mode was previously only available on mobile devices, but is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will feature two classic crate coupons and an exclusive Evangelion mode. During the Evangelion launch event, players will be able to witness EVA-01’s battle against the 6th Evangelion Angel.

The Erangel mode is completely different from the previous modes. There are some new structures and two new types of weapons. The first type of building is a mechanized floating creature, while the second is a massive statue of AWM. The sixth angel appears in the form of a crystal. Once the player controls the EVA-01, they will start searching for the sixth angel and also pick up a massive laser rifle.

Evangelion-Themed Defensive Fortresses

The Evangelion-themed defensive fortresse of PUBG Mobile is a new type of defense in the game. These fortresses spawn randomly on the Erangel map. Players can visit them, rummage through the ruins, and collect better supplies. In addition, they can change the structure of their walls. Players will have three chances to find the sixth angel.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is getting a new limited-time game mode inspired by the popular anime series. The game mode, “Core Circle,” will bring EVANGELION-themed defense fortresses to the Erangel and Livik maps. It also features a special event that lets players witness EVA-01 battle with the 6th Evangelion Angel. Players will be able to observe the battle in Erangel, watch the fight with EVA-01, and use the destroyed fortress walls to strategically plan their moves.


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