How to Player Lock in NBA 2k22: Best Way to do that!

How to Player Lock in NBA 2k22: NBA 2K22 game is very popular all around the world as it gives players a real like experience of basketball simulation. People around the world love it and this game has a huge player base. In this article we would show you how to player lock in NBA 2k22 and by doing this you can improve your gaming experience in the game.

NBA 2k22 game is basketball simulation video game. This game has been developed by the Visual concepts. Moreover, this game is based on the world wide famous National Basketball Association. This game was launched in 9th September 2021.

How to Player Lock in NBA 2k22

How to player lock in NBA 2k22:

First of all run the game and start My league which is available in homepage.

After that, you can use the created player or you can even make a creative player.

Afterwards, start in the regular season and there the start mode would have been selected.

Furthermore, after you choose your team you need to press the circular button in PS and the B button on the box.

In the next step the player need to scroll down and come to the options menu. In th options menu players should select the Position Setting option.

Player lock:

In position settings option players could find two options: Player lock and Position lock.

By selecting player lock they can know how to player lock in NBA 2k22.

In this can only have control of a certain player. They cannot control position. Through player lock they can have control of a specific player.

Position lock:

In this players can select a certain position and can lock it.

Such as it might be the point guard position or a Centre one position.

Through position lock they can lock a specific position and not a specific player.

Lock in NBA 2k22

Frequently asked questions:

On which platforms NBA 2k22 is available?

This game is available on various platforms such as Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo switch and much more. This game has attained a great popularity in all over the world. NBA 2k22 game is played with much love in the whole gaming community. Moreover they even try to come up with new updates, and features in the game at several intervals so that there players do no get bored by the game.


In this article we have tried to cover a piece of detailed information regarding on how to player lock in NBA 2k22. We even have covered information regarding the game its launch date and how to player lock in NBA 2k22 and even explained the terms such as player lock as well as position lock.

We hope that you may found this article useful and this may be helpful to you. Several times we come up with various article on games such NBA 2k22 and show you how to player lock in NBA 2k22 and even come up with articles on different game. Through this we try to be helpful to the gaming community and try to serve them better.

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