Free Fire OB35 Update Leaks, Release Date, Rewards and More

Free Fire OB35 Update Leaks, Release Date: The game has come up with a new and exciting update and that is the Free Fire OB35 update. In this article, we would cover the new different features, rewards, and specifications of the Free Fire OB35 update.

The developer of the Free Fire is 111 dots studio. This game has a huge player base all around the world and is played with huge excitement all over the gaming community. Moreover, they even have completed some milestones such as this game being the most downloaded mobile game all over the world in 2019.  Users of the game are very excited about the Free Fire OB 35 update.

In this new Free Fire OB35 update, the game developers have tried to reduce the glitches in their game. Furthermore, they even have reduced the size of the game. The game would become more smooth in the Free Fire OB 35 update.

Free Fire OB35 Update Leaks
Free Fire OB35 Update Leaks

Free Fire OB35 Update Release Date

The expected date of the Free Fire OB35 update is the 25th of August. Players are very keen to play with an updated version of the game. From the Free Fire OB, 35 update players will even get some rewards.

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Free Fire OB35 Update Rewards

Magic cube: Players would get a magic cube on 25th May 2022.

Gun skin: In this Free Fire OB 35 update there are three permanent gun skins for the users of the game and they have to select anyone from the three. They can get only 1 permanent skin. We would cover all three gun skins of the reward.

Ump gun skin: Players can opt for an ump gun skin that has some very dashing looks.

M4A1: The second skin in this reward is M4A1 and it has a very attractive look and seems very thrilling.

M60: The third skin from the rewards is of M60 and players are very excited to receive this M60 gun skin.

There are some conditions in this that all this is available only on free fire max. As the game developers want to get more attention towards the free fire max rather than free fire.

Free Fire OB35 Update Leaks
Free Fire OB35 Update Leaks

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is better Free Fire or Free Fire Max?

Both of them are good on their own terms and it can decide by the player itself which one is better Free Fire Max or Free Fire. Hence, it is suggested that players play both of them and decide on their own.


In this article, we have covered a piece of detailed information regarding the Free Fire OB 35 update and the expected release date of it, and some rewards which are included in the Free Fire OB 35 update. We expect that you may have found this article helpful. Moreover, you may get all the information regarding Free Fire OB 35 update and may help in getting some clues about the Free Fire OB 35 update.

We would frequently come up with kinds of articles on the number of games. So that, it can be beneficial for the whole gaming community and may give them more information about the games, its new updates, characters, skins, and much more.

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