C2S6 Release Date BGMI: Season Rewards and Other Info

BGMI is about to release some new stuff very soon and in this, we are going to cover that new C2S6 release date BGMI. This has a huge player base all over India and BGMI is an Indian version of the Pubg mobile.  BGMI is available on android as well as iOS mobile phones. As the players do not get bored by the game the developers of this game constantly add new features, updates, skins, characters, and much more and because of this players get more entertainment.

The C2S6 Release Date BGMI:

The latest version of the BGMI game live on 13th May 2022. Moreover, cycle 2 season 5 of this BGMI game is about to end on 18th may so the C2S6 release date BGMI is 19th May 2022. The time is 5:30 Indian standard time. So, at last, the wait for the new cycle 2 season 6 is over and players can play with the new cycle 2 season 6.

More information about the C2S6 in BGMI:

There is also the possibility that the tier system can advance with the new stuff. In addition to this, it will even reset the tier system in the C2S6 release date BGMI. Furthermore, the players going to be happy as the new month 11 Royale pass also get launch soon. This M11 RP is going to be available to the game users in two different variants. While these variants are based on the hidden hunter’s theme.

Cost About Elite Pass:

In C2S6 BGMI the price of elite pass of a basic elite pass is almost 360 UC and the higher elite pass version would cost players around 960 UC.

C2S6 release date BGMI

Rewards in The C2S6 Release Date BGMI:

In month 11 Royale pass the are several rewards awaiting for the players that can be recieved through accomplishing several weekly missions.

  1. Biotech M16A4
  2. Armed raider cover
  3. Crimson emblem plane finish
  4. Ultimate trendsetter helmet
  5. Elegant finesse cover or set
  6. Armed raider set
  7. Ultimate trendsetter cover
  8. Electrotech Scar-L
  9. Foxy twins parachute
  10. Fruit feast Uzi
  11. Rising uppercut emote
  12. Blockade ahead emote

All of this rewards can be achieved by players of BGMI game and some rewards are available in free RP.

Frequently asked questions:

Who has developed BGMI game?

BGMI game is an Indian version of the Pubg game and has been developed by the Krafton. This developer has many more games like Pubg which are very loved and famous all around the world. Player demand more games like BGMI and PUBG and even the Krafton tries their best to come up with new games which can be enjoyed in the whole gaming community.


To sum up, in this article we have covered a piece of detailed information about theC2S6 release date BGMI. We have even tried to cover about the cost of elite passes, rewards and other information regarding C2S6 release date BGMI. Additionally, we even hope that you may have found this article helpful and may get information regarding the C2S6 release date BGMI. We will even come up with such article about the gaming stuff so it can be helpful to the whole gaming community.

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