Rocket League Update 2.15 ! Rocket League new Update 2022

New Rocket League Update 2.15: Welcome to official panda folks. I’ll share the patch notes for the New Rocket League Update 2.15, 2022.

New Rocket League Update 2.15 has been live now for fans, as Psyonix has launched it as the previous 2.14 Rocket League update came to a half finally. The 2.14 has various updates, but yet there were some bugs that even Psyonix couldn’t figure out. So now they are going all out for the New Rocket League Update to ensure that the bugs don’t occur again.

As expected the New Rocket League Update is available on Epic Store, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. The first on the bucket list of New Rocket League Update 2.15, 2022 is the voice chat. A Full-fledged voice chat has been made available to all device players of the Rocket League through the New Rocket League Update 2.15 2022.

New Rocket League Update 2.15- Voice Chat Features & Bugs Improved? 

Voice Chat

As per the patch notes of New Rocket League Update 2.15’s patch notes for 2022, voice chat has been implemented and also it’s a default feature for all Rocket League Players on the platforms which they play. And it’s come as a cross-platform.

The only 2 voice chat options which are available on this new Rocket League Update are Team&Party Chat. You may also not be able to chat or speak to the opposite teams on the voice chat feature.

Rocket League Update 2.15

If the voice channel tab with an earphone icon appears, then it means that voice chat got enabled. You may leave or join as per your wish.

Once you are into a team match, automatically you get added to a team voice channel group. Go to settings then select chat and there you must find the settings for Voice Chat. For voice chat, crank up the volume to decrease the same go-to audio of voice chat on settings.

So that is some of the major voice chat features which have been incorporated through this New Rocket League Update 2022 & patch notes of the same. Also, voice chat input & output device, push to talk, text chat notifications, match notifications and enable voice chat. All these are also found to be seen on the patch notes of the New Rocket League Update for the 2022 season.

So now it’s time to see about the Bug fixes through my article on New Rocket League Update 2022 & patch notes.


Many aspects of the Rocket League’s big issues have been addressed and sorted out.

The performance of gameplay has been increased with no bugs on Rocket League along with the visual bugs being fixed.

In Rocket League Tournaments, there were some bugs like several audience/spectators were automatically into an online match. This has been sorted too as per the update patch notes for Rocket League 2022.

About The New Rocket League Update 2.15 & Patch Notes 2022 

New Rocket League 2.15 Update is nothing but which comes regularly to improve the gameplay by providing an error-free & hastle-free gaming experience to the Rocket League users without any technical bugs. So now New Rocket League Update along with its patch notes for 2022 have come too. Which I have shared here on my official panda page.

So go through the New Rocket League Update 2022 and start playing an error-free Rocket League game now. More about the New Rocket League Update 2.15 & patch notes for the 2022 season will be updated soon here.

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