BGMI M11 Royal Pass (RP) Rewards, Release Date

BGMI M11 Royal Pass RP Rewards: BGMI M10 royal pass is getting concluded soon as bgmi M11 royal pass is set to roll out on May 19th officially. So I’m sharing about Bgmi m11 Royal Pass Rewards & leaks at offical panda.

Krafton announced that Bgmi m11 royal pass will be out from may 19th. This m11 Royal Pass will be out with several new skins and rewards too. Let’s see it.

So the major USP of Bgmi m11 Royal Pass Rewards is gonna be the trendsetter skin & the plane skin. With diversity for all Rp level ranging from 1 to 50, new new skins are coming out through the Bgmi m11 Royal Pass Season.

Bgmi M11 Royal Pass Rewards: Take a Look!

Bgmi gamers may all well be aware about the fact that bgmi m10 royal pass finishing its completion and tenure soon and also thereby making way for Bgmi m11 royal pass. Yes the brand new BGMI M11 RP comes up with a wide variety of skins and weapons , so have a look at my article about the Bgmi m11 RP Rewards over here.

BGMI M11 Royal Pass Rewards !

BGMI M11 Rp can be acquired for 360 uc & 960 uc respectively for the normal & elite passes too. So the major addition to this pass is the plane skin. Not only it stops with it, the Mythic Emote, trendsetter skin, purity defender etc all will be yours through the Bgmi m11 Royal Pass.

BGMI M11 RP Rewards: Here’s the List!

So the bgmi m11 royal pass which varying from level 1 to level 50 has these Skins and Outfits like,

  • UFO theme ornaments
  • UM45 Gun Skin
  • M11 themed Emote
  • Electro Tech Scar 1 Gun Skin
  • Crimsom Emblem Plane Skin
  • Pixel Bolt Backpack
  • Shelter Mask
  • Internal Chef
  • Ultimate Trendsetter Helmet Skins
  • Stomp Ground Emote
  • Purity Defender Outfits
  • Green Skin
  • Pink Helmet Skin

Etc.. these can be expected at the M11 royal pass.

And the month 10 rp will also help you earn an EZ license card too. So let’s all wait for the m11 rp to start rollicking. May 19th is not far away and Bgmi fans are already lively and exuberant over the m11 RP Rewards. They are also upbeat about their performances too. Bgmi m11 royal pass will be live from 19th may, 2022 at 5.30 am. So set your alarm Bgmi fans. So the price fluctuations for the elite royal pass and elite plus royal pass are 360 uc and 960 uc respectively.

About Bgmi M11 RP Rewards

The bgmi m11 royal pass which comes after the m10 pass is a monthly pass being released by Krafton for Bgmi users. With rewards aplenty and new skins, outfits, gun skins etc. Players may well upgrade their game skills using these Bgmi m11 RP Rewards. As bgmi m11 rp is coming on 19th, here at offical panda i have listed about some of the BGMI M11 RP rewards. More on the same Bgmi m11 Royal Pass Rewards & leaks will be out soon. Bgmi m11 royal pass is expected at 5.30 am on 19th may, fans are waiting with bated breath.

My BGMI m11 royal pass rewards, release date & leaks of the same m11 royal pass of Bgmi are updated over here.

More exclusive updates about Bgmi m11 royal pass rewards & leaks will be out soon at Offical Panda as the Bgmi m11 Royal Pass Release date itself is approaching its release. And it’s getting ready to be launched in a grand manner too.

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