What is Rule 1 in Rocket League! Rocket League 2022 rules now!

What is Rule 1 in Rocket League: I’m gonna state something about Rocket League. You may win rewards, challenges, etc. But do you guys know all the rules in Rocket League? If not let me state the first rule here today in this What is Rule 1 in Rocket League article.

So rule 1 which was made a mandate by the Team of Rocket League is about the collision. Let me update you about this in detail in my What is Rule in Rocket League article.

Rule 1 in the Rocket League game is somewhat complicated and it’s also being hated by fans who play the game. But what can one do if it’s a mandate? Just play and go with the flow.

What is Rule 1 in Rocket League- what’s this? 

As easy as it is said, Rule 1 in Rocket League defines that if two players are locked head to head or even side by side, so by doing these they tend to lock their bumpers respectively. So their mobility is getting delayed eventually. And only if any other car comes over there they will be able to proceed further. This is what has been stated in rule 1. And it’s been getting mixed reactions from the fans.

What is Rule 1 in Rocket League

So you literally don’t have any other option, just grasp the fuel gas and wait for some time over there. And the good thing is this is a piece of happy news for many as if someone tries to showcase their skills by drifting or by doing some other things, they get stuck. And also is a part of the game’s spirit of rocket league too.

What is Rule in Rocket League – Will it be changed?

As of now, there are no signs of any changes to this Rule in the Rocket League as it’s been implemented officially by the Rocket League. As some are considering it a welcome move. We may all have to agree too. Hope it keeps and maintains the spirit of the game among the Rocket League gamers.

With the Rule in Rocket League, one can’t vanish away just like that when you both get collided. You both as a team may go and complete the mission. Else another one must come and clear the way. So don’t break any lock that’s the importance of this rule in Rocket League.

So that’s how they have summarised Rule in Rocket League. Just simply don’t try to move off if you are locked with another car. If you break the rule then the opponent may win the game eventually. let him break the rules or let someone assist you both by clearing the lock. So fair play of gaming is getting ensured through Rule 1 of Rocket League.

So that’s a wrap to my article. What is Rule 1 in Rocket League? Hope you all get clearance about the same. And also rules 2,3 are there in the Rocket League game too. It shall be posted here soon. Keep following Official Panda to know the exclusive information about your favorite games with up-to-date updates on the challenges, quests, and rewards.

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