BGMI M11 Royal Pass (RP) Release Date, Rewards, Leaks 2022!

BGMI M11 Royal Pass (RP) Release Date: Krafton/BGMI they have been working round the clock to bring out the best Bgmi updates and rewards for every season and royal pass. As Bgmi m10 royal pass will complete their tenure by 18th may. A luxury new m11 royal pass is next on the pipe line. So I’m sharing here at gaming acharya about the BGMI m11 Royal Pass Release Date & more leaks of the same.

As Bgmi m10 had aplenty of rewards and challenges. Now bgmi will have to punch above their weight to make the next one too more interesting. So BGMI M11 RP Release Date expected on May 19th. Here see the possible reward leaks of bgmi m11 too.

As bgmi m10 is going to end its run, i know you folks are waiting with bated breath to know about the BGMI m11 Royal Pass Release Date & Rewards Leaks and info too. So I’ll share it here on official panda page about the BGMI m11 RP Release Date & Leaks of m11 RP.

BGMI M11 Royal Pass Release Date: M11 Plane Skin Coming?

Official Panda folks as i have had stated about the BGMI m11 RP Release Date. That’s gonna begin from mostly 19th may, 2022. A day after the m10 rp ends their tenure. Now it’s time for me here at official panda handle to give you all the reward leaks about the m11 royal pass on BGMI.

BGMI M11 Royal Pass Release Date

An overview of the bgmi m11 Royal Pass rewards & skin leaks, the gun skins of AKM, Uzi, SCAR-L, M16A4 are expected among the ones once the BGMI m11 Royal Pass Release Date is out, we may get the clear picture of the same too.

And a brand new plane skin is expected too. Yes bgmi m11 Royal Pass leaks state that plane skin is coming too. The Mythic Emote and Plane Skin is expected at m11 RP.

Perhaps other m11 rp rewards are., Infernal Chef, Pink colour shelter mask & helmet too, stroll sets, stomp ground emote, pixel bolt backpack, all these are also found at the m11 royal pass release date & leaks of the same.

Many new rewards are available at m11 royal pass Bgmi. And the price of the same I’ll share here at our handle official panda now.

With the m11 royal pass having level 1 to 50, each level helps you to obtain new skins & Cosmetics of the Bgmi game. So the price of the elite royal pass is 350 UC. Likewise for elite royal pass plus you will have to purchase by paying 960 Uc. The same m10 rp pass pattern is being followed for the m11 Bgmi royal pass too.

About BGMI m11 Royal Pass Leaks about Rewards

Folks, everything i got to know about the bgmi m11 royal pass release date & leaks of rewards too, i have shared it here on my article. So just wait for the launch of the next m11 royal pass from may 19th officially.

Let’s meet up soon with a new article. Follow our handle and read more articles on your favorite games over there.

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