WandaVision x Fortnite ! Fortnite Leaked the Wanda Skin

WandaVision x Fortnite ! Fortnite Leaked the Wanda Skin: The WandaVision commercial break has been one of the most anticipated moments of the entire game. In addition to the Nexus pills and easter eggs, the show also ties in with the larger Marvel universe. As such, it seems like a natural fit for Fortnite Season 4.

WandaVision x Fortnite Skins inspired by MCU characters

There are many theories on what Fortnite x Wandavision skins will look like. One of them suggests that the game will feature skins inspired by Marvel characters. The popular leaker ShiinaBR suggested that we might see a slew of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the game. There is no official words from the Fortnite developers or Disney or Marvel, but we can safely assume that they are working on some collaboration.

There are also rumors of a crossover between Fortnite and Disney+’s new show, WandaVision. The crossover might be as close as the end of Season 5, which is expected to release on May 6.

WandaVision x Fortnite
WandaVision x Fortnite

WandaVision x Fortnite Leaked trailer

While Marvel’s MCU has its own storylines and characters, leaked information has been largely speculation. Many fans have speculated that the characters would appear in the game. The Marvel characters, meanwhile, have their own storylines and costumes. Fans have made a number of theories about the leaked information, and it is entirely possible that Epic Games is trying to capitalize on another trend in the game.

Possible skins

While Fortnite fans have been speculating about possible skins for the upcoming Wandavision x Fortnite crossover, nothing has been confirmed. In fact, speculations over possible Fortnite skins have been running rampant for a few weeks now. Although the possibility of wandavision x Fortnite skins is still in the nascent stage, the game’s popularity makes the idea very plausible.

While Marvel characters have appeared in the game, Wandavision and the Avengers are still absent. The two are said to be working on a crossover between the two. The game already has characters from other franchises, including Spider-Man and Venom, but Wanda and Vision have yet to make their appearance. The upcoming Marvel movie “Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” will feature Wanda. Perhaps this is why Fortnite has yet to reveal the character’s design.

WandaVision x Fortnite
WandaVision x Fortnite

There are also rumors about possible skins for the film Shazam and the game’s Marvel characters. While there is no confirmation for the release of these characters, it’s safe to assume that Fortnite will introduce more superheroes in the near future. In addition to the popular DC hero, Shazam has also been a big hit in recent years. A sequel to Shazam is already in development.

Unrevealed NPC

Whether or not the Unrevealed NPC in Wandavia x Fortnite will be a Marvel character remains to be seen. While the collaboration is a likely possibility, Epic Games has yet to confirm it. If it is indeed WandaVision, then it will likely be a new character that will appear in-game. However, if the crossover is true, then we might get to see a new character, including some familiar faces.

In addition, the Unrevealed NPC is a reference to one of the MCU’s main characters – Vision. It is unclear which character he refers to, but it has a lot to do with the Save the World story. A rumor circulated that this character was the Mari from Save the World, but Ali-A and other players disputed this.

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