How to Complete All Star Wars Challenges in Fortnite

Complete All Star Wars Challenges in Fortnite: The first Star Wars challenge is Rathtar Ruse, which can be completed by using BB-8. After defeating Solo, you can also use Rey’s Breaker Blaster tool to destroy the Rathtar. This is part of Rey’s scavenger class ability. It requires you to destroy a large chunk of Rathtar with debris to unlock the next challenge: TIE Fighter Crash Sites

All Star Wars Challenges in Fortnite

Lightsaber challenges

The latest Star Wars game offers a new way to play with the Force, introducing players to the mystical art of lightsaber combat. This game is a free update for the mobile app, and if you enjoy playing the game, you can share tips and tricks with fellow Jedi, and participate in contests and news. Among the ways to connect with other players is by joining a community of players, or following the game’s official Twitter account.

Unlike the previous Star Wars game, Lightsaber Challenges allow you to use the sabers of any character in the galaxy. You’ll be able to fight with your lightsabers of various colors, and this means you’ll need to carefully choose which one suits you the best. You can use blue or green lightsabers, but purple ones are only available in the single-player campaign. However, developers of the game have hinted that more colors will be added in the future.

How to Complete All Star Wars Challenges in Fortnite
How to Complete All Star Wars Challenges in Fortnite

Captain Phasma damage

In Fortnite, there are 9 different ways to damage Captain Phasma. You can take out the iconic red star by shooting at a green target in the air above her. Dropping one of the TIEs will start a damage cascade and trigger one of the challenges. Listed below are some of the ways you can take out the notorious droid.

The challenge requires players to destroy at least 9 destructible objects, and they must also cause as much damage as possible to Captain Phasma. To do this, you can use your lightsaber or any other weapon you have unlocked in the journey. Once you have destroyed all of the TIEs, you will be rewarded with special visual rewards. To complete this challenging objective, you must complete the first stage of the challenge in the game.

You can complete this challenge by killing three fighters in 5 seconds. You can also complete the Not So Easy Without a Co-Pilot challenge by avoiding missiles. And the final Star Wars challenge in Fortnite requires you to collect 85k studs. Flying through stud rings is a good way to get the most studs. It can also help you get the last one, called True Jedi.

Finding TIE Fighter crash sites

If you’re looking to complete a Star Wars-themed Fortnite challenge, finding TIE Fighter crash sites is essential. This new game mode introduces a new type of enemy, the TIE fighter. These odd constructs are visible from afar and must be destroyed in order to receive the collectible TIE Fighter banner. In order to accomplish this challenging mission, you’ll need to visit specific locations in the world, as they are often not easy to find.

Once you’ve located a TIE fighter crash site, you must use your lightsaber to take out the First Order Stormtroopers. They’re more difficult than the Fortnitemares monsters. After you’ve destroyed the First Order Stormtroopers, you need to approach the site’s Banner, pressing E or Square to place it. Then, repeat to find two more TIE Fighter crash sites.

Raising your banner

Star Wars has made its way to Fortnite, and now players can engage in battle with their favorite characters and earn new rewards. Players can use Lightsabers, earn new Banner Icons, and earn the coveted Jedi Training Emote by completing new Star Wars challenges. To begin, players must first find and raise their banner at a TIE Fighter crash site. The site can be found to the south of Steamy Stacks and north of Retail Row, east of Salty Springs.

After raising your banner to complete the Star Wars challenge, you must complete the mission, which requires 300 damage with your lightsaber. To do this, you need to make sure you’re among two other players with full health. This stage is related to the Star Wars franchise, and players need to raise their banner to capture a crashed TIE fighter. This area appeared during the final scenes of the movie in the game this past weekend.

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