Get Air Time in a Tank in Fortnite: How to Complete?

One of the most difficult challenges in Fortnite is figuring out how to get air time in a tank. While this is easy to accomplish when the map has drops or cliffs, it is much more difficult to do during this season. Tanks are present in almost every major built-up area of the map, so you’ll need to spot them before attempting to hijack them. If the IO is hovering over the area, the tank is probably occupied by IO soldiers. In this case, you’ll have to carefully remove them from the tank without destroying the IO soldiers inside.

Fortnite week 6 challenge

One of the best ways to get air time in a vehicle is to drive it off a cliff. While you won’t get very much air time on this trick, it’s the easiest way to get the boost you need to gain a few extra seconds. The trick is simple: drive your tank to the top of a cliff, and then take off. You’ll get three points, but it might take a few shots to land.

How to Get Air Time in A Tank

One of the easiest ways to get air time in a tank is to drive the vehicle off a cliff. However, this method only allows you a second of air time. The other way to get air time in a tank is to drive up to a tank that’s located in the front of Command Cavern. This tank can be used to skyrocket or trampoline. The goal is to gain air time on at least three different occasions.

How to Find a Tank in Command Cavern

If you want to know how to get air time in a tank in the game, you’ll want to know how to find a spawn point in Command Cavern. This area is located on the western side of the map near the bridge. It’s an area that’s a bit harder to get in the beginning because everyone is rushing to get in. The easiest way to get a spawn point in a tank is to enter a Team Rumble game, which has less players, and then try to find a tank mid-game by traveling 300 meters.

How to Gain Air Time with Chonker’s Tires

If you’re looking for a way to give your tank more air time, you’ve probably been wondering how to do it. Chonkers are a common occurrence in Fortnite, especially in the Mighty Monument and Chonker’s Speedway. Chonkers are not just about getting air time in the tank, however. They also have a unique use in Fortnite: they can help you gain an advantage in build fights and give you an extra boost in battles. But, how do you get air time in a tank with Chonker’s Tires?

How to Gain Air Time with Spider-Man’s Bouncers

One of the daily challenges in Fortnite is to pop 5 Spider-Man’s webs. While most bounce sites put you in an awkward cross direction, there is a section on the map that supports this quest. In order to achieve this, you will need to be able to get as much air time as possible in a tank. There are several locations you can use to do this.

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