How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League

How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League: If you are looking for ways to score in the knockout Rocket League game, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how to Block, Attack, and Grab in the game. These moves can be helpful for recovering after you’ve been thrown across the arena. Also, you will learn how to Multi Dodge. By the time you finish reading this article, you should be able to perform each action with great efficiency.

How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League


The new Limited-Time Mode in Rocket League has changed the way players must approach the game. In this free-for-all eight-player match, players will need to rethink their stats and learn new attack, block, grab, and dodge mechanics. To get the upper hand, you’ll need to master these new strategies. The Knockout Bash will take place from April 27 to May 10.

You’ll want to master the backward dodge, which can deflect incoming attacks. The blue shield VFX will let you know if you’ve dodged right or not. Double-jumping, on the other hand, is retro but can be extremely effective. Double-jumping is also possible, and you can reset your jumps by placing your wheels on the ground. And don’t forget to use your Grab button when the opponent isn’t around!

How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League
How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League


Learning how to block in knockout rocket league is vital for players to survive the arena. The right timing and placement of an attack can send your opponent flying. While blocking can be effective, it also leaves you vulnerable to an opponent’s attacks. Here’s a simple overview of blocking in the game. You can also try grappling hooks to send your opponent flying! You can also use your new Grab mechanic to carry your car around and throw it across the Arena. In addition, you can learn how to use new moves such as Multi Dodge and Triple Jump, which are necessary for recovering from an arena throw.

Grab Knockout Rocket League

There are several different ways to grab in knockout rocket league. First of all, when you do grab, you will first need to dodge the attackers’ attacks. Then, you will jump into the air and hold the ‘Grab’ button. This will allow you to grab an opponent’s car and throw it across the Arena. This new mechanic is particularly useful for players who want to throw and carry their cars around. You will also need to learn new moves in the game, like the Multi Dodge and Triple Jump.

When it comes to using the Attack ability, you will need to be faster than your opponent in order to make it count. In the game, the faster you are, the harder you can hit. If you have the right timing, you can even bounce an Attack back at your opponent. Blocking works well to avoid an Attack but requires time and accuracy. In some cases, blocking leaves you vulnerable to another attack. In order to block an attack, you can also hold the Grab button to grab your opponent and throw them across the Arena.


Dodging Power has been enhanced in the Rocket League with an increase of four times. Players no longer need to change their rudder to dodge an attack. Players can also save dodges in mid-air and continue to charge their boost. The Jump in Knockout has a higher vertical force and the Boost is stronger. Boost allows you to bounce back on the platform after being hit by an enemy. Boost recharges when the wheels touch the ground.

Players have three new arenas to choose from. However, if you’re not careful, you might lose your seat and will never be able to return. There are also new rewards in the game, including spring-themed and animated items. You can also get the boost by leveling up or purchasing a booster pack. While this is a great way to speed up your game, remember that there’s no shortcut to achieving high levels.

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