Fortnite Skin Revealed – LazarBeam Icon Series skin

Fortnite Skin Revealed – LazarBeam: The latest Fortnite skin from the Icon Series is the LazarBeam. We have a look at NickEh30’s reaction to the skin, his YouTube stream crash on launch day, and more! We also take a look at the Icon Series tournament. This is the skin you’ve been waiting for, so what is it all about? Let’s find out! Also, don’t forget to check out the giveaway.

Lazarbeam’s Fortnite Icon Series skin

On Twitter, troll LazarBeam has announced an upcoming Fortnite Icon Series skin. The skin has not yet been released, but LazarBeam is certainly deserving of the honor. The troll, who is currently ranked number one in the Fortnite community, created a witty meme congratulating LazarBeam on the achievement. Though he did not make it clear if the skin is real or not, he did congratulate LazarBeam on his achievement.

The announcement of Lazarbeam’s Fortnite Icons Series skin comes just a day before the final update for Season 5. This is because of the fact that leakers had leaked the news. Despite its late release, Lazarbeam’s Fortnite skin is scheduled to be available on March 4 for those who pre-order it. The skin is a tribute to popular content creators in the Fortnite community. The skin also comes with a cosmetic set and is playable in the Duos Tournament.

Fortnite Skin Revealed - LazarBeam
Fortnite Skin Revealed – LazarBeam

NickEh30’s reaction to Lazarbeam’s skin

When the first LazarBeam skin was revealed on the Fortnite Icon Series, many people immediately thought it was a prank. NickEh30’s reaction to the skin revealed by LazarBeam shows that the YouTuber was merely playing with our expectations. He immediately turned to his YouTube channel to see what the video looked like, but was confused by the thumbnail. Eventually, he decided that LazarBeam’s skin looked just like his brother.

In addition to his Fortnite livestreams, Lannan is a prolific YouTuber. He is best known for his popular vlogs on the game, but he also regularly posts videos about his real life. He lives in a house that separates the recording area from his residence. His other channel is titled LazarLazar. His hatred for Twitch streamers has led to several controversies surrounding the game.

Lazarbeam’s YouTube stream crash on launch day

Fortnite’s latest skin is here! Lazarbeam, a Fortnite streamer, finally received the Icon Series skin! Unfortunately, his YouTube stream crashed during the announcement of the new skin. Unfortunately, this did not make the Icon Series skin announcement a smooth one. The internet was overwhelmed and couldn’t keep up with the increased viewership. Even though the stream crashed, Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott is still very popular and deserves to get the skin.

The Australian Fortnite star also posted the stats from his latest stream. In the ten hours since the stream’s launch, Lazarbeam’s YouTube channel has gained almost 80,000 subscribers, played over 150,000 hours, and received nearly 150,000 concurrent viewers. The YouTube stream also crashed on launch day, causing viewers to lose their favorite games and lose the chance to watch their favorite videos.

Lazarbeam’s Icon Series tournament

A new Fortnite skin, the Flint-Knock Pistol, has been released, allowing players to take advantage of their new skills. It’s not the first time this weapon has been unvaulted, though. It was recently sent back after the game’s patch 5.2, and the Lazarbeam tournament will celebrate the new outfit with a duos tournament. Fans can expect to see some great teamwork as they compete in this tournament.

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