How to Complete Dream Team Event In BGMI

BGMI Dream team Event: Set in a virtual world, BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA is a new battle royale game where multiple players employ strategies to fight and be the last man standing on the battleground. A free-to-play, multiplayer experience, in BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA, players can battle it out in diverse game modes which can be squad-based or solo.

BGMI so many players want a great Inventory, cool gun skins, helmet skins, backpack skins, Pera suit skins, car skins, Airplane skins, nade skins, and also outfit skins. In BGMI events are mandatory, in the event, you can get many gun skins and also outfits are getting free.

In BGMI events you can collect Classic crates. The event, You complete the missions and collect classic crates or classic crates scarps. And you can collect the classic crate by completing Achievements this is the main where you can collect so many Classic crates. This is not hard only you go to the achievement and read it then go select the match and follow the reading achievement and complete it and get classic crates.

Dream Team Event In BGMI
Dream Team Event In BGMI

What is Dream team event In BGMI:

In BGMI Dream Team Event is now live from 02-04-2022 to 30-04-2022. Like every event, this event also gives you many rewards and also many crate coupons Classic crate, Premium crate, and also supply crates, and a permanent outfit name is Crimson Dancer Set, and AG. In this event Two processes for completing this event. First in Duo and Second in Squad.

If you want to complete this event and get rewards then you must invite your friends to this event by rule. You can invite your friends by clicking on the team option then sending the invite and also you can invite them by sending messages through WhatsApp, Massage, or Messenger.

BGMI Dream team event Rules:

  1. When inviting a friend to team up, if the friend is in a team that is not full and accepts your invite, the members of your friend’s team will also join your team by default.
  2. Once players team up in a squad or duo, they can collect event rewards after they have played matches and completed missions together.
  3. Teams are refreshed at 00.00(UTC+0) every day, and players can invite new players to team up with.
  4. Mission rewards are cleared daily, so remember to collect them in time.
  5. To prevent players from violating the rules, the progress of teammates who survive for less than 5 minutes will not be counted.

How to Complete BGMI Dream team event:

When your friends joined your team then play together. You and your team play classic matches and complete this event. In a team must 4 players join and play together neither of your event missions is not to be complete.

So you play with friends in the team you 4 are active and play then the mission is complete. In the event told the mission every day and you and your friends have to complete this mission. If you and your friends complete this mission then you both get simple rewards like a daily reward.

Now How to get the main rewards (Premium crates, classic crates, supply crates, and the outfit). So if you and your friend play together 10 classic matches Ranked or Unranked not remind here you can play any maps. If you and your friends play together 10 matches then you both get 3 supply crates, if play 15 matches then both get 3 supply crates, if play 20 matches then both get 100AG, if play 25 matches then both get 3 premium coupons scarps, if play 30 matches then get 3 classic crates so playing with your friend 60 matches then you completed this event and got every reward.

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