BGMI M11 M12 Royal Pass Rewards: What is Coming?

BGMI M11 M12 Royal Pass Rewards: BGMI, which was formally known as PUBG Mobile globally, has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Indian version which was taken down by Krafton is no longer behind this. Developers working hard to make the BGMI more eye-catchy & feature-packed.

One of the main reasons behind the attention among the players is the Royale Pass system in BGMI which was introduced in PUBG Mobile. Now BGMI provides monthly Royale Passes. Recently Royale Pass M9 is going on in BGMI. Soon M10 is coming with M11 & M12 respectively.

Interestingly BGMI 2.0 update is coming with Royale Pass M11 & M12. So these seasons will be more exciting than we can expect. There will be anniversary-themed events & Royale Pass also. Here in this article, we are going to share some details regarding the Royale Pass M11 & M12.

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BGMI M11 M12 Royal Pass Rewards: Leaked Details

BGMI is one of the popular battle royale games with an Indian server. It is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, that is why the events from the PUBG also come to the BGMI. Of course, some new events come to BGMI exclusively, like the upcoming anniversary update with BGMI 2.0.

BGMI provides also the same Battle Royale Pass for the game via monthly updates. As we know that when the upcoming M9 Royale Pass will be going to end, there will be M10 Royal Pass starting from the end date of the M9 Royale Pass.

BGMI M11 M12 Royal Pass Rewards
BGMI M11 M12 Royal Pass Rewards

As we’ve mentioned, some of you may be thinking that the M10 Royal Pass is still not active yet, why M11 M12 Royal Pass Reward List now? Well, we have got some leaks & details about the M11 M12 royal Pass. So it is our duty to inform you as soon as possible that is why we are going to share details & leaks in this article.

Rewards of M11 M12 Royale Pass: Full Detailed Guide


There are lots of things to come in the game with the M11 M12 Royal Pass update. Here are some of them.

  • Firstly, there will be a lot of themed events is coming in BGMI pretty soon. As we all have known that BGMI 2.0 is coming soon. With this update, we will see some major changes in the Maps of BGMI.
  • Krafton is going to celebrate its anniversary in BGMI in the upcoming season. So there will be some exclusive anniversary-themed events & some items in the shop to purchase.
  • An upgradable Kar98K skin is coming very soon. Leaks say it will be a Level 6 upgradable skin. Maybe it will be in the spin section.
  • An AKM skin is coming which will also be upgradable. It will be Level 4 gun skin.
  • Also, there will be an upgradable Groza skin. These days many upgradable Groza skins are coming.
  • There will be an anniversary-themed lobby which we are going to see in BGMI 2.0 release.
  • We all know that there will be a mythic outfit in both the Royale Passes. & also some backpack skin, helmet skin & some weapon skins as well. These will be all legendary weapon skins. But to date, we do now know the exact list of the item rewards of the Royale Pass M11 M12. Because M10 Royale Pass has not come yet.

If we get more details about those list of rewards, we will surely update it in our future forums. If you do not want to miss that, follow our social media.


So that’s all for this article. We hope you have gotten detailed information about the M11 M12 Royale Pass BGMI: Leaked Reward List. Stay tuned to us for more updates & news.

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