How to Get Black Octane in Rocket League

How to Get Black Octane in Rocket League: Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with ports for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch being released later on. This is a vehicle soccer game, in this game many vehicles have for play.

This game is very simple to play. Score the most goals by driving the ball into your opponent’s net. Fast cars let you fly into the air and pull off sick trick shorts, even a flip reset, Dominate the pitch, and take part in ranked matches to climb the worldwide competitive car soccer leaderboard.

So in this game you play and want to win then you must have a Fast car-like Octane. Octane is very fast and a greatfull demand car for everyone in this game Rocket League. In the game, the rocket league Octane car is in many skins and names and also many styles designs.

Black Octane in the Rocket League
Black Octane in the Rocket League:

Best name and skin of Octane car in Rocket league: sky blue octane, dune race, dragon lord, burnt sienna, octane kilowatt, etc.

Black Octane in the Rocket League:

In Rocket League there is real news about the brand new black octane car, the black octane will probably come to the item shop. Sometimes very soon because the actual item itself the black octane was updated in the game. It means currently if you are on PC you can use backers mod to change the color of the items and give yourself new items and things.

Like that well, if you go into backers mod you can change your octane to black.

Before the last update on Baka’s mod when you change the octane to black it did not look like black. It literally looked like the normal octane may be slightly darker but literally a tiny bit. Now you can go and change it to the black octane in the backers mod it is literally what we had expected a black octane to be how it should be and this makes things that the game files were updated to have an actual black octane, that looks ready for the game ready for the item shop. And obviously recently we saw the black fenik make its way to the item shop completely out of nowhere. Black Octane very easily comes to the item shop.

How to get Black Octane on Rocket League

To get this black octane is genuinely an insane glitch. This glitch is actually crazy. This glitch makes your octane black, pitch black, matte black this is actually so cool. So if you don’t know sometimes in updates there are glitches so if we go to our garage right now if you apply in any standard octane then see that is regular octane.

The regular octane looks quite dark. Black octane and black cars in rocket league are not a thing you can’t get them in rocket league. But this glitch actually allows you to get one black octane. It is just a glitch. So if you go to your decals if you have the dune racer decal or the Christmas tree decal for the octane just equip it on your octane. Then you see black octane. You can see it is fully pitch black. It really looks so cool. So for this glitch only you can do it by dune racer decal or the Christmas tree decal these only work. So any dual eraser decal you want you can choose it and makes your car black.

If they never fix this glitch dune racer is going to go up in price so much. So the likelihood is it’s a glitch.

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